Milford couple hosts a free pre-Halloween event. Photos submitted

Milford couple hosts free Friday the 13th Spooky Drive Through

It’s getting to be that time of year when all some youngster can think about are spooky stories and lots and lots of candy.

And if you or your little ones are looking to get a little head start on the holiday, a Milford couple offer a Spooky Drive through from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Friday Oct. 13.

Milford resident Terri Hankins, who lives on property next door to the Wemple’s Pumpkin Patch (if you’re coming from Susanville it’s the next driveway past Wemples), said there are several sections of their 20-acre property that have been decorated for Halloween.

A spooky graveyard, anyone?

“It’s a little spooky thing,” Hankins said. “I originally want something free and cheap and easy for single people because I’ve been a single mom before, and come Halloween or Christmas, there are not many free things. Everyone charges a lot, and when you’re a single mom, five bucks or 10 bucks — that’s a gallon of milk or a pair of sox or shoes, so I wanted something that was free for our South County people. You’ve got to drive a little bit, but it doesn’t cost anything to come into my property.”

When visitors enter the property they will be given a “hand” — a glove filled with candy and a thank you card. Inside the glove is a ticket, and Hankins will draw three tickets to receive three pumpkin head buckets filled with school supplies also will be given away donated by Lassen County District 5 Supervisor Jason Ingram. She said Ingram is expected to attend and help out at the event.

Hankins said there’s a real need for school supplies in the South County, but she’s heard people are coming from all over and that’s OK because she said, “the more, the merrier. I want three individuals to win the buckets to help them this school year because food’s gone up, clothes have gone up, but our paychecks haven’t. If I can help three families with a bucket of school supplies, then that’s what I want to do.”

Now there are some spooky signs for you.

Her husband, friends and families will greet visitors on the drive, and distribute even more candy.

“Our world is so dark right now, if I can put one smile on one person’s face, I have completed my entire day,” Hankins said, “and if it’s a group of kids, I’ve made my entire year.”