New Lassen Prescribed Burn Association presentation featured at Lassen Fire Safe Council’s March 15 meeting

When this wildfire burned through Doyle, it brought disaster. The Lassen Prescribed Burn Associatio, the Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District and other agencies plan to band together with landowners to return fire to the people and use it to protect property and reduce the wildfire risk. File photo

The public is invited to attend the Lassen Fire Safe Council’s general meeting scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 15 at the Susan River Fire Protection Office at 705-145 Highway 395 in Johnstonville.

Brittney Osborn, the project coordinator of the Lassen Prescribed Burn Association, will give a presentation on the newly formed group of citizen volunteers and fire professionals who work together to improve private property reduce wildfire risk through the use of prescribed burns.

Osborn explained the project during an interview with Lassen News.

 “What we want to do is give the tool of fire back to the people … Fire is scary. Fire is a very powerful thing, but humans have been living with fire and using fire for millennia. We know a lot about it, and it’s much better to use it as a tool when we’re in control of when it’s put on the ground … Being able to set the stage for fire is a very powerful tool.”

The LPBA will conduct site assessments, help plan the burn, help with permits, help prepare for the burn and provide opportunities for training, resources and create community partnerships.

Obsorn said prescribed burns are good for landowners with forested lands and for the ranching community as well.

Interested landowners can email her at or call (775) 437-0012.

Other agenda items include a report from the managing director on CalFire grants, SNC grants and other items; a report on closed out projects; agency updates from a variety of agencies; and public comment and questions.