California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a number of gun laws today

Newsom signs groundbreaking gun violence prevention funding bills

Today, GIFFORDS, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, applauded California Governor Gavin Newsom for signing AB 28, the Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Act, among other bills to strengthen California’s gun safety laws. AB 28 was a top priority for GIFFORDS this legislative session.

The bills signed into law include:

  • AB 28, which makes California the first state in the nation to create a permanent, dedicated gun violence prevention fund supported by a tax on the corporate weapon industry’s record profits.
  • SB 2, which strengthens California’s public carry laws to respond to the U.S. Supreme Court’s radical Bruen ruling, which threatens to introduce a flood of loaded weapons in public spaces. SB 2 requires stronger vetting and safety training to carry weapons in public and designates many more sensitive public locations, like public parks, playgrounds, sports arenas, and bars, as off-limits to firearms.
  • SB 452, which requires all new semiautomatic pistols sold in the state to incorporate crime-solving “microstamping” features which etch a microscopic code (similar to a driver’s license number) unique to that firearm on ammunition cartridge cases when the gun is fired. For more than a decade, gun manufacturers have exploited loopholes and refused to introduce any new pistol models that incorporate this technology.
  • AB 1089, which strengthens restrictions on the sale and marketing of machines used to make “ghost guns,” unserialized firearms that are too often meant to avoid gun safety protections.
  • AB 762, makes technical changes to the CalVIP program, for which one-time funding has been fully expended.  Changes would apply prospectively if new funding were to be authorized. The most notable of these changes is that the bill would expand the CalVIP program to include counties that have one or more cities disproportionately impacted by community gun violence and to tribal governments.
  • AB 1587, creates a merchant category code to track purchases at gun and ammunition dealers to help law enforcement preempt mass shootings and firearm trafficking by identifying suspicious patterns of firearms and ammunition purchases.
  • AB 818, strengthens protections for survivors of domestic violence and abuse by ensuring proper service of protective orders on the perpetrators.

Comments on the governor’s signature
Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords said, “Thank you to Governor Gavin Newsom, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, and thousands of community leaders across California for putting the safety of the people above the gun industry’s profits. This example of bold and effective leadership will fund the courageous and lifesaving efforts of violence intervention workers, enhance the health and safety of California’s children, and bolster the enforcement of California’s gun laws by keeping guns out of the hands of prohibited people, including domestic abusers.”

Paul Carrillo, Vice President of GIFFORDS Center for Violence intervention, said, “We know the community violence prevention programs funded by CalVIP reduce violence and save lives. I’ve seen their effects firsthand all the way from my hometown of Los Angeles to Sacramento. With this historic legislation, these programs will have permanent funding and California will continue to be an undisputed leader in the fight for gun safety, paving the way for innovative, effective methods of reducing gun violence.

“I’m proud that GIFFORDS experts and our many partners have worked alongside members of the legislature, including the bill author, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, to craft and pass AB 28. This law will save many, many lives in the years to come and provide a sustainable funding stream for proven programs to prevent community violence. This is a big day—not just for California, but for the whole nation. Thank you to Governor Newsom and Assemblymember Gabriel.”

Sam Vaughn, Director of the City of Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety, said, “I am grateful that the Governor signed this bill into law. Now even more cities will have the opportunity that Richmond has had, using these resources to change the narrative of gun violence in their communities.”

GIFFORDS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives from gun violence. Led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, GIFFORDS shifts culture, changes policies, and challenges injustice, inspiring Americans across the country to fight gun violence.