No disc golf course in Susanville – at least for now

Two-dozen excited and impassioned citizens of all ages came to the Susanville City Council meeting June 20 to vocalize their support for a disc golf course within the city.

Nine residents, ranging in age, took the chance to speak out at the Susanville City Council meeting. The group arrived at the meeting, ready for the fight and left with allies of the councilmembers.

Along with the disc golf course, Quincy McCourt shared several other potential park projects for which the representing parties from the community seemed to be behind.

Ideas were proposed, but nothing solidified, to rectify the lack of a play set in the north Susanville area. Moving the Cameron Park’s proposed play set to Skyline Park was part of that discussion.

Also, adding a pump track and disc golf course to Skyline Park, since it is the most undeveloped park within city limits.

The disc golf course was explained by McCourt and other advocates, that it could be used for general community use or for youth and adult leagues, and if big enough, could host tournaments, bringing more tourism.

There was so much visual support for the disc golf park, the council moved up the topic to the beginning of the meeting, letting those who wished to speak do so without first waiting though all of the evening’s agenda.

One of those who spoke out in favor, Mindy Dockery, said she runs “into people all of the time” who come to Susanville for the “mountain biking race” or the “marathon” and said, “maybe they would stay.”

Dockery mentioned, “If there’s disc golf, then maybe they’ll stay for longer. People come just for that.”

Another advocate, Linda Robinette, was mentioned at the meeting as someone who brought the disc golf course to the city’s attention years ago.

This time, she came to tell the city, disc golf was, “Not just a thing, it’s a big thing,” mentioning, “there’s even one in Alturas.”

Robinette said, “People will drive from Reno, from Carson City, from Chico, from Redding, from Sacramento; they will drive very long distances to play disc golf.”
The youngest advocate, Jonah, told the council, “I fully support a Frisbee golf course because I heard there’s a part in there for kids. I would love to go there with my friends and play with my family.”

Josh Blackburn, the assistant principal of Lassen High School, also made an appearance to express his vocal support for the park, “Anything I can get my kids to do that isn’t causing trouble and mischief, I’m all for it.”