No more COVID bailouts for Restaurant Revitalization Fund 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement calling on Congress to reject any reauthorization of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

“Congress needs to stop COVID spending now,” Manning said. “The crisis is over and additional spending to bail out restaurants again will only accelerate inflation, which is already eating a hole through American paychecks.

“Americans for Limited Government supported the original small business forgivable loans program in 2020 when government policies shut down those companies with no other recourse for them to survive, but 2022 is a different time. The economy is open. Many restaurants are still struggling, but it is largely because the business model and the restaurant industry have changed after COVID, including experiencing labor shortages. Consumers have become used to food delivered to their homes. Some remain uncomfortable eating in a restaurant setting, and these factors may become permanent.

“Unfortunately, those restaurants unable to adapt to consumer expectations in 2022 may fail. However, the resulting damage to the economy from more spending and the inflation it creates impacts every business and every American, and the time to end it is now. If Congress wants to do something to stop inflation now, they need to stop spending on frivolous special interest bailouts. That will do more to help restaurants and other small businesses to survive than another D.C. helicopter money program.”