Outfitting city police vehicles is more expensive than anticipated

It looks like the cost to outfit Susanville’s police vehicles will be $4,000 more than originally anticipated — a 40 percent increase.

Susanville Police Captain Ryan Cochran was in attendance of the city council’s Nov. 6 meeting in place of chief Kevin Jones.

The SPD was already given prior authority by the city council to purchase four new police vehicles and the cost to outfit them.

The council approved the total expenditure to outfit its new vehicles for $9,600, with the most recent portion of funds transferred from the Police Facility and Equipment Reserve Fund to the Police Mitigation Fund.

Out of the four new vehicles, one replacement was funded through proceeds from the Small Cities Organized Risk Effort.

Back in March the Susanville Police Department transferred $27,693 to the police mitigation fund for the purchase of a Dodge Charger police vehicle from the Elk Grove Auto Group.

At the March 6 meeting, Jones sought the council’s approval of the transfer of funds for the purchase of the vehicle.

The department received price quotes on the two Dodge Charger/police interceptors from three businesses.

The department eventually went with a 2012 Ford F-150 crew cab that has about 60,000 miles on it because of the significant difference in cost.

From Susanville Auto Center, the department received a quote of $21,000; from Modesto Toyota, a quote of $26,693 (not including tax) and from Napa Ford, a quote of $27,985 (not including tax).

Jones recommended the quote from the Susanville Auto Center.

He also spoke about why the department needed the vehicles.

The vehicle replaced the 2012 Ford F-150 truck, declared a complete loss by a contractor of SCORE.