Seventh-graders compete in a log roll during Paul Bunyan’s Day. The goal is to complete the task with a better time than other competing classes at Westwood Jr/ Sr High School. Photo by Susan Cort Johnson

Paul Bunyan’s Day encourages school spirit

Keeping with tradition, students at Westwood Jr/ Sr High School competed in a multitude of activities on Paul Bunyan’s Day Friday, May 24. The event was planned and orchestrated by the Westwood High Associated Student Body.

Classes were pitted against each other and often success depended on how well the students in that grade worked together. They rotated through seven stations, which were the log roll, cornhole/redneck golf, three legged race, get off the island, watermelon eating, pie eating and the nail drive. Each event was timed and the class that completed the activity with the best time won. The winners were announced at a Pep Rally that followed the Paul Bunyan competition.

Also during the Pep Rally students competed in a frozen T-shirt contest and an Oreo game, gifts were given to teachers and Michael Altenburg, the superintendent/principal, delivered a “final pep talk” for the 2018-2019 school year.

All completed Lumberjack Lodge Cards were placed in a drawing for prizes from the Jackshack. Each of the cards have 10 punches that are given by teachers for good behavior in the classroom.

Junior High students left for the three-day weekend in observance of Memorial Day at 11:50 a.m. High school students remained for another half hour to participate in some “high school only” activities.