Please people — enough is enough already

I’m guessing I’m not too much different than a lot of folks in America these days, just reeling and shaking my head in the aftermath of last week’s Presidential Election and trying to simply take it all in. As I write this, I know some people who are absolutely overjoyed. I am not.

I firmly agree with most of the electorate that our two-party political system gave us absolutely the two worst candidates ever, at least in my memory, and I can remember all the way back to President Eisenhower. Long before Election Day, I knew I would be unhappy with either candidate winning this election, and that’s not unusual — over the years the country has survived several presidents I thought were just plain awful.

But listen, all that’s completely irrelevant now. The people have spoken. Good, bad or indifferent, Donald Trump won the election. He is the President-elect, and next January he will become the president of our great land. What is is, as they say, and now we just have to deal with it.

There’s backlash on both sides.

Demonstrations in the street might make some people feel better, but they will make no difference in the long run. Chanting “not my president” will not reverse the election. We should all agree violence is always unacceptable. Hate crimes against minorities, immigrants or those of other religions should not be tolerated.

Closer to home, a friend of mine who’s son is a Trump supporter and a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, said with the anti-Trump protests in that city he’s afraid to wear his Trump hat in public because someone might want to beat him up.

That really bothers me because it’s so wrong. I’m not the least bit a Trump fan, but this young man should be able to wear his hat without any fear of reprisal. May God give us strength and teach us tolerance. This is America, and we all enjoy the rights of free speech and expression. When we assert those rights for ourselves, we must also grant them to others, even to those with whom we disagree. I want to live in a land where this young man can wear his hat without fear. I don’t believe I’m expecting too much.

Each and every one of us needs to take a deep breath and recognize the time for bickering about this is over. The people have spoken. We have a new president.

It’s time to see what the man elected to the highest office in the land will do. Like him or not, he will soon be the leader of the free world. And don’t forget, in four years we get to elect someone else if we’re unhappy. You know, I’m betting our country will still be here then. And unlike those among us eight years ago who openly wanted our then new president to fail, I sincerely hope Trump’s presidency is a success. The future of our nation depends upon it. That’s exactly the kind of unthinking that fueled the division we endure today.

Yes, instead of fighting over an election that’s over and passed, let us rejoice we are Americans who live in this great and bountiful land. Let us celebrate our political system that gives us the right to pick our leaders despite our differences and our political ideologies. Sure, our country is divided, but let us boldly walk together into a future we all share as countrymen rather than as disgruntled political foes. Let us recognize our differences can be our strength, and may we never forget the lofty founding principles of our nation.

Enough is enough already. We need to accept reality, put one foot ahead of the other and start moving toward that uncertain tomorrow we will certainly discover almost before we know it.