Plumas County moves closer to re-opening

On Tuesday, May 12, Plumas County reported on the status of its plan regarding the re-opening of Stage 2 businesses.

According to a statement from Lori Beatley, Plumas County’s public information officer, “On May 8, 2020, the state’s gradual re-opening of certain businesses in Stage 2 took effect across all counties in California, including Plumas. Non-essential retail can provide curbside service; related manufacturing and logistics are now operating.

“While some counties have been significantly affected by the pandemic of COVIV-19, there are a number of less affected counties; such as Plumas County. Because of this and our local containment efforts, Plumas County has the option to reopen businesses in Stage 2 more quickly than the state as a whole once we demonstrate an ability to protect the public and essential workers.

“Plumas County must submit a request for variance to the state in order for our local Stage 2 business to open at a quicker pace than the rest of the state.”

According to the statement, Plumas County meets all the criteria, and is just waiting for state approval, expected to come Wednesday, May 13.