Plumas Sheriff’s Office trying to locate four individuals missing in the wake of the Dixie Fire

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is reporting as of this morning there are four individuals listed as missing following the mandatory evacuation of Indian Valley this week due to the Dixie Fire. The investigations unit of the department is trying to contact these people and will report updates as they are available. Plumas News has asked for a list of the individuals to help in the location process.

Structure damage assessment teams are being ordered to assess the structures lost in Greenville as well as in Canyon Dam. Initial assessments indicate as much as 75 percent of Greenville has been lost and most, if not all of Canyon Dam.

There are still no reports of any public injuries or casualties from the Dixie Fire.

Currently, approximately 42 percent of Plumas County residents are under an Evacuation Order.

Cal Fire has already begun damage assessment in the areas most recently damaged; however, there are still several areas too dangerous to access at this time. Plumas County Recovery Information link: