Police warn residents not to participate in Tik-Tok challenge

According to a statement from the Susanville Police Department, residents should not participate in Tik-Tok Orbeez Challenge because it’s both illegal and dangerous.

Officers were dispatched to the area of the Spirit Gas Station about 6:50 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3 to investigate a report of Orbeez Gel BB’s fired from a moving vehicle on Main Street at pedestrians.

Officer searched the area, located a suspected vehicle and two suspects in the 1900 block of First Street. The suspects were in possession of three Orbeez Gell Blaster BB guns. They were cited for violations of California Penal Code section 246.3(b) — the willful discharge of a BB device in a grossly negligent manner that could result in injury.

According to the statement, “This criminal act may have been the result of a Tik-Tok ‘Orbeez Challenge’ where teens participate in firing the Orbeez Blasters at unsuspecting bystanders. This challenge should not be taken lightly and parents, along with their teens, need to be aware that this type of activity or “challenge’ is criminal and suspects will be charged as such. The Orneez Blasters near seem like a fun toy, but when used improperly can cause serious body injury and may result in criminal prosecution.”