PSA 2 Area Agency on Aging announces public hearing

Planning and Service Area 2 Area Agency on Aging invites older adults and other interested persons to participate in a virtual public hearing on the PSA 2 AAA 2020-2024 Area Plan. The public will be provided an opportunity to comment on the PSA 2 AAA on the Area Plan.

The public hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday, July 6. The public is asked to RSVP for the Public Hearing by calling PSA 2 AAA at 842-1687 or via email at by July 1. Access information will be provided prior to the hearing.

The Area Plan identifies the nature and scope of a continuum of services for older persons and disabled adults under the Older Americans Act. The Area Plan proposes the following contracted services and programs during fiscal years 2020 through 2024: Homemaker, Chore, Information and Assistance (Shasta County), Evidence-Based Health Promotion, Family Caregiver Support Programs, Congregate and Home Delivered Meals, Legal Services and Transportation.

In addition, the Area Plan addresses PSA 2 AAA’s plan to provide the following direct services: Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, Information and Assistance, Disaster Preparedness Materials, Coordination, Community Education, Family Caregiver Support Program (Outreach only) and Elder Abuse Prevention Education.