Rainbow Family Gathering heads to site near Frenchman Lake

   According to statements from the Rainbow Family Gathering Lightline, a new site near Frenchman Lake has been selected. Lassen News is unable to determine the exact location based on directions from the group.

Attempts to contact officials with the U.S. Forest Service regarding the statements from the Rainbow Family Gathering were unsuccessful.

Lassen News visited both the Chevron station in Janesville and the rest area. We did not see any gathering participants at the Chevron station, but a small contingent of gathering participants were present at the rest area around 11 a.m. The law enforcement presence along Highway 395 was noted.

Lassen News will continue to seek more information on these developments.

Here are their communications
Noon Saturday, June 29, Lightline message
“We have directions to the new site of the 2024 annual gathering in California. Things are very weird this year. There is zero infrastructure as of June 29, so please come prepared to be self-sufficient. Bring water. Water infrastructure will take time to prepare and most waterline is still at the old site. So bring water for yourself for several days. We love you. Ignore all rumors of cancellation … “

10 a.m. Saturday, June 29 Lightline message
“Things are evolving and changing very quickly. As of Friday, June 28, at noon Forest Service law enforcement officers appeared on the scene as expected to begin ticketing cars for trespassing. They had informed us that they were willing to work with us to allow a certain number of people to stay on the land to clean up while everyone else was forced to leave and find a new place to gather.

“But upon arrival at noon, they informed us that instead all humans must leave the stie of the Rainbow Gathering. No cleanup crew would be allowed to stay and work. They refused to allow us to clean up the site. They were putting warnings on cars about trespassing and they were ticketing individuals who refused to actively leave. Many folks are still in the woods who had expected to stay and clean up as they had been led to believe that they could.

“Folks leaving the gathering are meeting in nearby areas trying to make plans and to get news. These places include the Chevron in Janesville and the Honey Lake Rest Area. Other folks are working to determine a new place we can all land. Check back and we will provide more information when we have it. Ignore all rumors of cancellation. Hang in there, family, we love you.”