Chance Guerrero keeps a strong hold during the open bronc riding event at the Lassen County Fair Ranch Rodeo. Photos by Ashley Grogan

Ranch Rodeo showcases skill, hard work

Caleb Taylor finishes with the gold during the 2018 mini bronc riding event at the Lassen County Fair Ranch Rodeo Saturday, July 21. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Lassen County Fair Ranch Rodeo enchanted fans Saturday, July 21 with galloping horses, sprinting cattle and, of course, dust flying through the air.

The Ranch Rodeo hosted a total of seven events throughout the day: Open branding, mixed branding, mini bronc riding, muley roping, doctoring, big loop and open bronc riding.

Additionally, spectators were able to participate in the Calcutta, in which the Ranch Rodeo teams, bronc riders and mini bronc riders were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The Ranch Rodeo teams competed in the open branding, muley roping, doctoring and big loop events.

The first-place team was team 21, which included the talents of Bill Finks, T.J. McCully and Travis Stewart.

Team seven earned second place and consisted of Colt Shields Rob Pyle and Richie Musichia.

Team 12 earned third place overall with the talents of Victor Madriguel, Taylor Smith and Jimmy Gallagher.

Regarding the mixed branding results, the first-place team included Conner Finks, Richie Musachia and McCully.

The second-place team consisted of Cash Casey, Lorenzo Lurrecea and Gaby Bertagnoli.

In third place was the team with Spencer Anderson, Jessica Anderson and Nick Nalder.

As for the open bronc riding event, Hector Cruz took first, Anthony Steele earned second place and third place went to Albert Lopez.

The first-place winner of the mini bronc riding event was Caleb Taylor.

Overall, the North Arena at the Lassen County Fair saw many talented individuals and teams that truly put on a good show for the many spectators.