Recent My Turn was about the mayor, not about LARP

Earlier this afternoon I got a call from a Local Area Revitalization Co-op officer regarding the My Turn I wrote that posted earlier today.

I offered him an opportunity to respond, and he declined. But in case there are others in the community who also are confused by what I wrote, and to set the record straight, I wanted to share some of his comments and concerns here.

This board member took issue with me characterizing the business from the floor comments at the meeting as “legitimate.” On the contrary, the board member said they are completely false.

For example, he said the city’s contract with LARP solely governs the operation of the Community Garden; that as a corporation within the state of California, payment of employees is permitted and the corporation’s books — as with those of any private business — are not subject to public disclosure.

And he said these same people have raised these same issues repeatedly at city council meetings, and while he said he can’t speak for the mayor, he thinks that’s what prompted his response to their business from the floor comments. He also said the My Turn I wrote will make some in the community believe in the reality of those bogus concerns because of I called them “legitimate.”

I told this board member I wasn’t writing about or commenting on LARP. I wasn’t endorsing, giving my approval or supporting those comments by members of the public. I was simply writing my opinion of what transpired during a public governmental meeting and the mayor’s response to members of the community exercising their constitutional right to address their elected officials in a public forum.