Remember When for the week of 1/30/18

95 years ago
Louis Burgurd, of Spalding, finally recovered from a series of injuries that put him out of commission for nearly a year. Burgurd fell off his barn roof and broke his left arm and several ribs. He was then diagnosed with pneumonia and the doctor ordered him not to leave his house until he was well. Ignoring the doctor’s advice, Burgurd attempted to purchase food at a nearby market and was kicked by his mule, which snapped his leg in four places.

35 years ago
Lassen College President Warren Sorensen recommended the elimination of 100 courses for the 1983-84 curriculum in an attempt to save the institution from fiscal disaster. Sorensen indicated the district could lose up to $3.6 million in funding in 1986 and said cuts had to be made immediately.

30 years ago
Bureau of Land Management botanist Gary Schoolcraft, of Susanville, had a plant named after him. Found only in the Great Basin desert area of Washoe County, Nev., the plant, which resembles a forget-me-not, was called Crypantah Schoolcraft.

25 years ago
After several months of working on the project, Lassen County Historical Society President Janet Corey finally announced that it was official; Isaac Roop would hang in Carson City next year.

The body, or bones rather, would not be swinging from the gallows, of course, but a large portrait of the man would be hung in the Nevada State Capitol. This historic event would signify Nevada’s official recognition that Roop was the state’s first provisional governor and one of the driving forces behind the state’s conception.

20 years ago
A garbage deal that has eluded the city and county officials for two years may not be reached.

“We haven’t done anything in years about state solid-waste law demands,” supervisor Everd McCain told a joint meeting of Susanville Council and Lassen County Board of Supervisors.

The council and supervisors agreed to begin forming a joint powers agreement board to meet the state garbage law mandates, which demand the closure of all county landfills and a major recycling effort by 2000.

16 years ago
Chris Ritz, of Susanville, was the first runner to carry the Olympic torch in Reno after it arrived by caravan from Truckee. He carried the flame from Sierra Center Parkway to Neil Road, his part of the torch’s journey to Salt Lake City, Utah. The 1989 Lassen High School graduate was among 101 regional torchbearers for the winter Olympic games, along with Carol Webb Monroe, a 1978 LHS graduate and Marty Growdon, of Westwood.

10 years ago
The Lassen Municipal Utility District Board of Directors appointed Ray Luhring as the district’s interim general manager at its Jan. 22 meeting.

Luhring, who served as director of engineering and operations as well as active general manager, will receive a 5 percent salary increase. He currently earns $134,000 annually.

Last year
A package sent to the Westwood Museum in January contained two sets of Venetian blinds made by The Red River Lumber Company during World War II. One of the original packages was unopened.

Sheri Binswanger, a member of the board of directors for Westwood Museum, Inc., said the donation provided an important artifact that was not a part of the museum’s collection.

Many local women worked at the mill during the war because Venetian blinds were in high demand due to blackout regulations, said Binswanger. These regulations required windows to be covered at night in such a way light could not be seen by enemy aircraft.