Remember When for the week of 10/17/17

120 years ago
Tom Chow, a Chinese cook, shot and killed Tom Luey, a Chinese waiter, at the Johnstonville Restaurant.

Chow, who was fired earlier that morning by owner Bob Johnston, walked into the restaurant’s dining room and shot Luey in the leg. The bullet pierced an artery, causing Luey to bleed to death. Sheriff Cady later apprehended Chow walking through the neighborhood with the gun.

45 years ago
At an annual convention in Fresno, District 4 Supervisor Gerald Packwood of Bieber was elected president of the County of Supervisors Association of California.
Packwood served as the association’s vice president previously.

35 years ago
Nearly $7.2 million worth of certificates to finance the Lassen College biomass cogeneration power plant were sold only hours after they were placed on the market.

In its first year of operation, the college expected the plant to produce $1.5 million in power generation and nearly $500,000 in power to help offset college and plant utility bills.

20 years ago
Susanville Ranch Park played host to the Lassen High School invitational and Fourth Annual Paiute Meadows Train Run and Walk on Saturday, Oct. 11. Seventeen high school cross country teams competed in the invitational while more than 50 kids and adults ventured out in the cool brisk morning air underneath the shadow of Susanville Peak.

15 years ago
After spending all, but two years of his adult life in law enforcement, Susanville Police Chief Jim Wages hangs up his badge in January.
“It is time for me to relax and see what the other side of life is about,” said Wages.

Wages became the acting chief in September 1995 after being promoted to captain the month before. He replaced Chief Jack Burke who retired. Wages was made chief on Jan. 3, 1996.

10 years ago
October takes on a special meaning in Lassen County as a time to remember Deputy Larry Griffith, “who put his life on the line for victims of violence.”

Lassen Family Services Executive Director Darla Freemen spoke about Griffith’s sacrifice as part of the LFS observance of October as Domestic Violence Awareness month.

A lone gunman, who began shooting as four deputies opened the doors of their patrol cars at about 8:45 a.m., killed Griffith on March 2, 1995, in Ravendale.

Last year
The Westwood Unified School District will work with ABM Building Solutions on energy conservation projects totaling around $1 million. A resolution for the partnership was passed at the Wednesday, Oct. 19 meeting of the board of trustees.

About $270,000 is from grant funding, including monies from Prop. 39. The district will cover the rest, but ABM guarantees that reduced costs for such things as heating and electricity will cover the loan payments. The agreement is budget neutral, for the company will pay the difference if the energy savings are not realized, according to Superintendent Randy Bobby.

The projects not only address energy efficiency but also areas of deferred maintenance, such as the repair of roof leaks at the Westwood High campus. The two can be combined because the roof repair will by design improve energy efficiency.