Remember When for the week of 11/21/17

95 years ago
The prospect of new jobs coming to Susanville was on the minds of everyone in town.
The California Packing Company of San Francisco had just purchased tracts of timber from the U.S. Forest Service and promised to build a plant near Susanville. The new facility was perceived by many to lift the spirits of the unemployed and vault Susanville into economic prosperity.

70 years ago
Seventy-four tons of the county’s scrap metal was shipped throughout the country.
The material was the result of a countywide scrap metal drive, coordinated by C. C. Doyle, chairman of the War Salvage Committee.
The drive included several volunteers who went door-to-door to collect metal, helping the nation’s steel mills keep up with increased production.

45 years ago
Diamond International Corporation of Red Bluff submitted the high bid of 22.7 million board feet of Lassen National Forest timber.
The timber had a total appraised value of $273,635, with Diamond International paying $539,065.
The wood consisted of ponderosa and sugar pine, white and red fir and nominal amounts of Douglas fir and incense cedar.

35 years ago
Based on data gathered over a 30-year period, the United States Weather Bureau told Honey Lake Valley residents to expect one of the coldest winters of the century.
The bureau predicted below-normal temperatures coupled with limited precipitation, which will intensify the cold.

30 years ago
County officials announced the purchase of the Nevada building at 707 Nevada Street and plan to fully occupy the building by early January. The two-story structure was bought for $450,000.

25 years ago
The proposal for a joint law enforcement pilot program involving the Lassen County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol will receive further study despite the CHP’s adamant rejection of the idea.
Designed as a cost-saving measure, the proposal was presented to the Lassen County Board of Supervisors at its meeting led by County Administrative Officer Bill Bixby, who began the discussion by saying, “As we look at California’s budget problems over the last few years and into the future, we see we cannot continue to conduct business as usual.”

15 years ago
An eastbound train struck a cattle truck owned by Mcauliffe Livestock, of Cottonwood, California at the Fir Street crossing in Westwood, Sunday, Nov. 10 killing about 40 cows being transported from summer-grazing lands.
The train, owned by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, was traveling at about 40 miles per hour and included three engines, four loaded cars and 55 empty cars, which stretched about three-fourths of a mile, said J. L. Bunyard, an officer with the California Highway Patrol in Susanville. It is estimated the weight of the train was 2,356 tons, he said.

10 years ago
Ruby Sunderman scored some major dough in the California Lottery’s The Big Spin Show.
The Bieber, California retiree outplayed nine other contestants in the Aces High game and walked away with $25,000.
She said she would take the prize money and pay off some debt.

Last year
The passing of Proposition 64 in California has brought with it some substantial changes to the state, and the county is gearing up on dealing with the current and upcoming changes to the state law.
Essentially, with the proposition, named the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, being approved with about 56 percent of California votes, it is legal for adults 21 years and older to use pot, just not in public or while driving. Adults may also grow up to six plants in a private residence. The approved proposition also allows for adults to possess and transport up to 28.5 grams, or one ounce, of marijuana for recreational use.
However, with the Adult use of Marijuana Act passing, it has the board of supervisors looking to the future of pot in Lassen County.