Remember When for the week of 1/17/17

120 years ago

In an 1892 article about a local swindler who was tricking people into buying expensive picture frames with their enlarged prints, it was stated most of the victims were women, “their being, as a rule, more gullible than a man.”

70 years ago

A third registration day in California under the Selective Training and Service Act, under which an estimated 600,000 men in the 20-44 age group would be obliged to sign up, was announced by the state’s director of Selective Service.

45 years ago

A new Safeway store opened its doors at 1616 Main St. Front page news included a photo of Mahlon “Woody” Wood, who was named to head the bakery department of the new store. Ribbon-cutting prices included $.59 for a half-gallon of ice cream and a fifth of vodka, gin or bourbon for $2.88.

30 years ago

The local leader of the Ku Klux Klan, a man named Cassady Shultz, was arraigned on a variety of charges including possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of amphetamines, some standard weapons and some stolen property. A devise, believed to be a bomb, was later found to be a homemade battery tester, according to Dan Estabrook.

25 years ago

An arrest in connection with the New Year’s Day blast that damaged the Ultrapower sign in Westwood led to the seizure of 127 mature marijuana plants and the arrest of three persons. The explosive destruction was charged to Louis Amos of Westwood.

15 years ago

Both Lassen County and the City of Susanville have joined together in preparing ordinances designed to preserve and protect historical sites within the county.

In October the Susanville Planning Commission unanimously approved a draft of a historical preservation ordinance and recommended the City Council adopt it. The County Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of a county ordinance today, Tuesday, Jan. 15.

10 years ago

There seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel for individuals interested in the implementation of a county-wide recreational district.

At the Monday, Jan. 9 meeting of the Local Agency Formation Commission, Executive Officer John Benoit discussed expediting the creation of a recreational district including fast tracking the remaining steps toward its creation.

Benoit expressed his desire to have the process complete in time for the June ballot in order to accommodate the urgency from interested individuals.

Although the commission supported expediting the process, Benoit pointed out any opposition or requests for reconsideration would inevitably hold the process back and push the issue to the November ballot.

Five years ago

The former superintendent of the Westwood Unified School District and Westwood Charter School will have to seek a remedy before an administrative law judge to settle his dispute with his former employer.

Henry Bietz, the former superintendent, filed a complaint against the WUSD Oct. 20, 2010 alleging the district failed to honor his employment contract and also failed to provide funding for his legal representation as he defended himself against criminal charges filed by the California Attorney General.

In a short, two-page ruling issued Monday, Jan. 3, Lassen County Superior Court Judge Donald Sokol granted a request for judicial notice by the school districts regarding the AB 139 audit conducted by the Fiscal Crisis Management Team (FCMAT), Westwood Unified School District Policy 2121 and the criminal case against Bietz that was heard in the local court.

Last year

It is flu season nationwide, and while there has only been one confirmed case in Lassen County as of the beginning of the month, residents should still take precautions, according to Lassen County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Christi Myers.

She said local doctors do not always test for the flu and may just treat for symptoms. Myers added there could be more unidentified cases in the community. She said doctors are only required to test for the flu during a pandemic.

According to a press release from the county Public Health Department, “Over the last month, seasonal influenza has spread rapidly across the United States in epidemic proportions. Evidence points to high or widespread activity in 43 states, including Nevada. California has yet to experience the full brunt of the influenza season, but it will very soon.”