Remember When for the week of 12/19/17

95 years ago
Frank B. Dursoe, secretary of the Chico Chamber of Commerce, has been in Susanville in the interest of building a road connecting with the Susanville Red Bluff lateral of the state highway system to Chester.
The proposed road will be built through Deer Creek pass. The usual claim that it will be open year-round was made. Butte County proposed to finance the building of the road and the forestry department will be asked to appropriate funds as well.

45 years ago
The Toys for Tots is a program to provide needy Lassen County children toys on Christmas day.
The sheriff’s department, along with the California Conservation Center and security guards at the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, collected well more than 2,000 toys this year.

25 years ago
Two appeals have been filed by two environmental groups, against the Plumas National Forest’s 1983 Vegetation Management Program. The plan calls for herbicide use on more than 4,400 acres on the LaPorte and Quincy districts, although local United States Forest Service personnel say they only have money for about one-tenth of that next year.

The appeals were recently filed by the South Feather Watershed Council, a group out of the Feather Falls area and by Friends of Plumas Wilderness with Mike Yost of Indian Valley.

10 years ago
Sparked by a presentation by Susanville Teachers Association President Ken Unterreiner, nearly 20 of the Susanville School District’s 86 teachers told the board of trustees they’re willing to go on strike unless the district gives in to their demands.

Last year
In the wake of a People magazine story and television piece on the 1981 Keddie murders and the renewed investigation 35 years after the crime, sheriff Greg Hagwood’s phone has been busy.

“I have had a tremendous amount of support from people across the country,” Hagwood said. “There have been emails, calls; I am surprised at how many people watched the show.”

Hagwood was a 15-year-old Quincy High School student on April 11, 1981, when the bodies of Keddie residents Glenna “Sue” Sharp, 36, John Sharp, 15, and Dana Wingate, 17, were found in cabin No. 28 at the resort near Quincy by 14-year-old Sheila Sharp, Sue’s daughter who had spent the night at a neighbor’s home. All three victims had been bound, stabbed repeatedly with a knife and beaten with a hammer.

Though the crime happened 35 years ago, the horrific nature of those unsolved murders has plagued those who lived through them, including Hagwood. Decades later when he became sheriff, he had the opportunity to devote fresh resources to the case.