Remember When for the week of 1/31/17


125 years ago

Cal Price, who had recently broken out of the Butte County Jail, was recaptured in a deserted mine where he had been for several days. His experience in the dark caused his jet-black hair to turn gray and caused his features to age as well.


75 years ago

Preparations are under way at the Susanville Post Office for receiving applications next week from enemy nationalities, including Italian, German and Japanese, who were forced to register for certificates of nationality.


50 years ago

A father was reunited with his wife and two children, who were found near freezing after spending a night outdoors. The family truck had gotten stuck in the mud and the father went out to get help and got lost.


25 years ago

Lassen Community College President Larry Blake, declared at the Jan. 21 college board meeting that after six difficult years, the college’s bout with bankruptcy has finally come to an end.

Federal Court Judge Loran S. Dahla signed the final order releasing Lassen College from Chapter 9 bankruptcy on Jan. 9.


20 years ago

The Lassen County courts are scheduled to get a state bailout to remain open through February. But March and the rest of the current fiscal year is another question.

Because of the bailout, the Board of Supervisors voted Jan. 14, to rescind layoff notices sent to court employees that were to take effect the end of this month.

Those notices came in late December after it appeared the state legislature would not fund the courts for this fiscal year any time soon.


15 years ago

After being threatened with bodily harm, Lassen Municipal Utility District 3 Director Mike Deal resigned his position on the board of directors Jan. 23.

Deal declined to discuss his resignation on the record with the newspaper.


10 years ago

“To be a parent, one has to be consistent and persistent,” said Jo Frost, the British star of the ABC show, “Supernanny,” from the front yard of a Herlong home.

However, sometimes parents need the skills and observation of a career nanny turned TV star. Danielle and Tom Silva applied online to get the two-week help of Frost, who has 16 years experience as a nanny in her hometown of London, England.

Danielle said with her husband Tom getting ready for a long tour in Iraq, she needs help in getting her house under control before he leaves. Tom is known in local National Guard and veterans’ circles for running the armory located on the Lassen County Fairgrounds.


Last year

Students at Lassen High School spent some time last week bonding and hopefully improving the climate on campus.

From Jan. 25 to Jan. 29 students at the school had an opportunity to participate in the Living for Learning Breaking Down the Walls event.