Remember When for the week of 3/7/17

120 years ago

Last Wednesday, the Milford Hotel caught on fire, with flames pouring out of the roof about the middle of the building. It was said at once there was no hope of putting it out and a general alarm was given which everybody in the town responded to with all haste.

Willing and industrious hands made quick work of saving furniture, beds, clothing, stoves and everything movable.


95 years ago

On Monday, the sheriff made a trip to Standish in search of a man he suspected of being a member of the bootlegging fraternity.

The sheriff found his man a half-mile east of town and unearthed a still of large proportions as well as five barrels of mash and 1-1/2 gallons of the furnished product.


65 years ago           

Lead-covered telephone cables are being strung in the areas of north Main Street and east of Weatherlow to accommodate requests for service in the area, according to A.J Matthews, local manager of the Public Utilities California Corporation.

When completed, by April 15, more than 100 applications for service in this area will be handled, said Matthews.


30 years ago

Westwood’s wood-burning electric plant has been cited by Lassen County Air Pollution Officer Ken Smith for non-compliance on five counts.

Smith said the Ultra Power Plant has been in operation without a proper permit since Jan. 15 in addition to various pollution counts which have been turned over to the district attorney’s office.

Smith noted the misdemeanor charges could bring fines up to $10,000 per violation if the court so desires.


20 years ago

Lassen County continues to remain under a state of emergency from flooding since the first of the year. A bridge on Hackstaff Road in Doyle still remains washed out and impassable because high water along Long Valley Creek overflowed its banks and caved away a large section of the roadway.


15 years ago

Eight days after her death, a fire of unknown origin that is under investigation gutted Margaret Gaspar’s home on Gold Run Road.

When the fire crews arrived at the scene, Susan River Fire Chief Glenn Hodgson said the engines were forced to fight the fire from nearly 200 yards away because access was not immediately available. Hodgson said 17 firefighters were needed to control the blaze.

The late Gaspar was a Susanville activist and philanthropist.


10 years ago

A public hearing for a proposed Bioterrorism decontamination supply shed at Banner Lassen Medical Center raised no comments from members of the community during the regular meeting of the Susanville Planning Commission, Feb. 14.

However, despite the lack of community concern, the commission unanimously denied the shed’s placement at the hospital after listening to Planning Director Bill Nebeker describe the aesthetically displeasing impacts a 20-foot-by-20 foot storage shed would have on the environmental features of the land.


Last year

After many years lived and stories forgotten, one man is hoping to reconnect with a few individuals who may have saved his life decades ago.

Tom Kelly, a Pennsylvania resident recently traveled through Susanville on his way to visit his sister in Oregon; however, this wasn’t the first time he ventured to the area.

He fell into a troubled area of his life and recalls one night when he and a friend were caught outside near Piute Creek in December in either 1971 or 1972.

The exact date escapes him, but he knows two people came across the freezing pair on a Monday morning. Kelly and the other person were sent to the hospital.

Now, many years later, Kelly has found his way back to the area for a brief period and hopes to reconnect with the people he claims saved his life.