Remember When for the week of 4/25/17

120 years ago

An earthquake centered near San Francisco shook Lassen County awake shortly after 3 a.m., April 20. The jolt completely destroyed Dixon, Winters and Vacaville, but only shattered windows and nearly wrecked a chimney in Lassen County.


70 years ago

Construction of Diamond View School on Richmond Road began with the assembly of the school’s 18 rooms and multipurpose room for the fifth- through eighth-grades. The school was named for the view of Diamond Mountain provided by the location of the new campus.


35 years ago

Susanville Mayor Harold Grayson proclaimed April 24 as Federation Day, in honor of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs and the Susanville Monticola Club.

They recently celebrated 70 years of volunteer service to the local community.


30 years ago

Susanville Little League project coordinator Larry Nelson returned to the Lassen County Board of Supervisors last week bearing his organization’s second request for funding of the new T-ball fields, Memorial Park lighting and upgrading current Little League fields.

Nelson, backed by other proponents of the $29,975 project, was turned down by the board when a motion to accept the proposal failed to gain a second.


20 years ago

Once again, Lassen County and the City of Susanville have endorsed the yearly City Cleanup Event in conjunction with Earth Day celebration.

North State Tree Service has once more agreed to participate in chipping the tree prunings that, in the past, were landfilled.


15 years ago

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) in Herlong number two in the state for on- and off-site releases of toxic chemicals, according to a news release from the federal agency dated April 12.

According to the EPA, SIAD released 5.4 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the environment in 1999, the latest date for which information is available.


10 years ago

An ambulance emblazoned with Ukrainian writing is just one of two vehicles from Susanville that will soon minister to residents in the former Soviet bloc nation.

The ambulance, donated by nurse practitioner and ambulance company owner Brad Reger, ships out for Odessa from Houston next month.

A van purchased by donations from Lassen County will enable the JESUS film team in Kiev to show the film in outlying villages.

The four-wheel-drive ambulance will go to Zapparozhya, Ukraine, a village with no current emergency medical care that gets plenty of winter snow.


Last year

The Lassen County Transportation Commission opted to table the discussion of entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with Lassen Land and Trails Trust for grant sponsorship for funds from the Active Transportation Program.

The MOU would outline a general partnership regarding “the planning and development of public recreational trails located within, immediately adjacent to or near the county road right way in Lassen County,” read the draft agreement. Specifically, Lassen Land and Trails Trust wants it for the development of the proposed Bizz Extension in the Fernley-Lassen Rail Line, or the Cut, by the historic Railroad Depot. Since the bulk of ATP funds are not available for nonprofits to apply for, they need a grant-sponsored agency.