Remember When for the week of 4/4/17

120 years ago
Lassen County’s apple farmers declared war on the insects that had been ravaging their orchards. Twenty thousand boxes of apples were ruined, almost crippling the industry.
The newspaper called on readers to help assist the farmers in order to get the county’s apple industry back on track.

70 years ago
Crewmembers of a Growers Supply Company train barely escaped injury when one of two locomotives derailed and tumbled off a mountainside near Feather Lake Summit, 28 miles from Susanville.
Heavy snowfall during the winter was believed to have caused the railroad tracks beneath the train to collapse.

35 years ago

Diamond View teacher Donna Dandois was threatened by a student who pulled a gun. The Susanville Police Department said they believed the 11-year-old boy’s semi-automatic handgun was loaded and that he attempted to fire the gun at the teacher, but it malfunctioned during the incident. The boy in question was referred to the probation department.

30 years ago
Assemblyman Stan Statham met with top Susanville officials March 23 to discuss the city’s need for an approved water system. Mayor David Foster, City Administrator Duane Cole, and City Engineer David Cosper traveled to Sacramento to detail existing water system problems to the legislator, including new demands on the system from the recent expansion of the California Correctional Center in Lassen County.

25 years ago
After the fighting off of some opposition and potential lawsuit-forced delays in the traveled process for Lassen Gold Mining Inc.’s Hayden Hill Project, the Lassen County Air Pollution Control Board decided to give the mining operation a break and some extra time.
With these delays in meeting the requirements for their ATC permit; LGMI was faced with terminating their construction operations if the conditional order for abatement was approved. The board unanimously approved such an action.

15 years ago
The Lassen County Mental Health Department “does indeed have a significant number of areas in which to improve,” according to Grand Jury Foreman Sophia Wages.
That assessment was included in the cover letter Wages submitted with an interim Grand Jury Report. Health and Human Services Director Tom Keefer presented the interim report to the Lassen County Mental Health Advisory Board on Wednesday, March 21.

10 years ago
Dr. Ira Chasnoff stressed the need to prevent prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol and fetal alcohol syndrome at Lassen Community College March 25. Chasnoff is one of the leading researchers in the field of maternal drug use during pregnancy and the effects it has on the newborn infant and child. The all-day workshop addressed the impact drug and alcohol use has on parenting, infants who are born to drug-using women, fetal alcohol syndrome and the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs.

Last year
Local firefighters banded together to make a substantial donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Through various fundraisers, the Lassen, Modoc, Plumas Cal Fire Unit raised a large sum of funds to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
From the Fill the Boot drive, local firefighters raised about $6,500, and from a raffle, which included fire officials and the entire community, $18,000 was raised and donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.