Remember When for the week of 5/2/17

120 years ago

Lassen County resident Gligo Terach was badly injured while walking home from his job at the Eureka Mine.

He was smothered under a sudden landslide and suffered a broken leg and broken arms. At the time, it was the fourth such accident in Lassen and Plumas counties in two months.


70 years ago

Issuance of sugar rationing books began in Susanville elementary schools. The program was created when the federal government froze all sugar sales during World War II.


35 years ago

The Susanville Consolidated Sanitary District voted to begin the bidding process on the expansion of the treatment facilities east of town. The increase enlarged the plant’s capacity by 33 percent. The addition added approximately 1,422 connections to the previous capacity.


25 years ago

After emotional opposing appeals by Susanville Resource Inc. spokesperson Treva Hearne and County Supervisor Jim Chapman, the Susanville City Council voted last week to support legislation that could potentially stop the SRI medical waste incineration project. Senate Bill 1517 would subject medical waste incineration projects to local land use requirements, and give local governments the power to verify or deny such compliance. Yet if the SRI and Lassen Community College have their way, the bill will die at the hands of a massive lobbying effort against the bill, an effort initiated by SRI.


15 years ago

Gail Bengard, president of the Lassen County Historical Society, was dismayed about the extensive vandalism at Susanville Cemetery and the arson at Roop’s Fort. According to Susanville Police, officers discovered 80 headstones had been pushed over and 15 of those headstones were broken on April 15.

Three juveniles were arrested; two of them booked into the Juvenile Detention Facility and the third were released to the custody of his parents. On April 22, police arrested two juveniles for arson at Roop’s Fort. “This is awful,” Bengard said. “I guess the kids don’t realize just how awful this is.”


10 years ago

If walls could talk, the St. Francis Hotel probably could fill a listener’s ears with history and gossip of early 20th century.

To preserve the history of the building built in 1914 by Benjamin and Franceska Nuehaus, the City Council approved a resolution Wednesday, April 19 adding the hotel to the Susanville and Lassen County Historic Building Registry. According to records, Frederick J. DeLongchamps, one of Nevada’s most famous architects, designed the hotel. DeLongchamps also was the architect for city hall and the old jail.


Last year

Tom Downing, Susanville’s Chief of Police, retired for medical reasons related to injuries he suffered during his law enforcement career. The city of Susanville announced Downing’s retirement in an April 27 statement.

Downing served as a law enforcement officer in Lassen County for 22 years and as chief of police since his appointment May 24, 2012. He is the 11th chief in the city’s history.