Remember When for the week of 5/9/17

105 years ago

A man announced in the newspaper that he had lost a bag of gold near the Feather River while fleeing from a mountain lion. He said he would give the finder a small amount of his gold if it was returned to him.


75 years ago

Howard L. McMurphy was elected mayor of Susanville. He had previously served 19 years on the city council before he took over for longtime Mayor E. P. Housberger. McMurphy was the proprietor of Susanville Coca Cola Bottling Co.


50 years ago

Mayor Dale Soule proclaimed May 7-13 as “Hire a Veteran Week.” He said young veterans are returning every day from Vietnam in increasing numbers and the city should accommodate them in any way possible.


30 years ago

A California Correctional Center inmate assaulted female officer J. D. Alford while preparing morning brunch.

The incident occurred in dormitory No. 70 in the Sierra Unit, which had been on a lockdown status for more than a week.

Alford, who sustained impacts to the head and cuts on the inside of her hands, was treated in the institution’s infirmary and immediately transferred to Lassen Community Hospital.


25 years ago

The Midway Café in Doyle suffered extensive damage after a car slammed into its front wall early on April 30.

An 80-year-old Doyle resident turned his 1978 Chevrolet Impala into the Midway’s parking lot at 5:50 a.m. His foot either slipped off the brake pedal or he mistook the gas pedal for the brake, accelerating over the planter and into the front wall. The car ran over several tables and chairs, but fortunately no customers were inside at the time.


15 years ago

An inmate hid in the garbage to escape from the Lassen Community Correctional Facility at the county jail early on Friday morning, May 4.

Reynoldo Gonzalez, 33, also known as Alejando Epinosa Anaya, was discovered missing at 3 a.m. during and inmate bed count. He had been missing for approximately eight hours.

He was arrested in August by CDC investigative services in Santa Rosa.


10 years ago

The community rallies behind Susanville’s municipal golf course. Susanville’s golfing enthusiasts want a local community golf course — and they’re willing to volunteer their time to work for it.

Former Lassen County Sheriff Ron Jarrell said about 20 community members have been volunteering their time to work at the golf course to keep the course open, offering maintenance duties such as lawn mowing.


Last year

Pat Mudrich, general manager of the Clear Creek Community Services District, announced at the May 3 meeting, she will retire from her position at the end of the year. She has worked for the district since 1991.