Remember When for the week of 7/4/17

120 years ago

Vagrants, looking for gold, were coming down from the mountains around Susanville and were stealing and sleeping in the streets. Many were arrested and sentenced by Justice Branham. The customary fine was $30 or time in jail. Most opted for jail time.


70 years ago

The Susanville City Council approved the addition of a third police officer, implementation of a 24-hour work shift and the installation of a signal light system to help control increasing law enforcement problems. The signal system warned officers of emergencies with elevated flashing lights that could be seen from anywhere within the city limits.


45 years ago

Congressman Harold T. “Bizz” Johnson announced the approval of a collegehousing fund totaling more than $1.8 million. Lassen College was allotted $789,000 for the construction of a 128- student dorm.


30 years ago

Susanville resident, Violet Stout, removed her framed poem, “Prayer for our Nation,” from the confines of the Board of Supervisors meeting room. She said the supervisors had lost her respect and have made county residents upset by their recent decisions.


25 years ago

California Department of Fish and Game biologist Paul Chappell and the members of the Susanville Ranch Advisory Committee said if area beavers begin presenting problems for stream restoration efforts on Piute or Bagwell creeks, they will have to be either killed or relocated.


16 years ago

Severe drought conditions in Lassen County prompted the Board of Supervisors to unanimously request Gov. Gray Davis declare a state of emergency. Annual rainfall in Lassen County was approximately 69 percent of average, while total water content in the snow pack averaged around 40 percent of a normal year.


10 years ago

An evening of Eastern Orthodox Christianity was presented in Susanville when a group of Eastern Orthodox monks visited Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. The monks of the Holy Monastery of St. John of San Francisco conducted a vespers service followed by a short choir concert of traditional orthodox hymns and psalms.


Last year

Dedicated to honoring the memory of a past veteran, law enforcement officer and community member, a local member of the United States Air Force ensured Rob McElrath’s memory would continue on. During a Saturday, June 25 ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Justin Bermander, of the United States Air Force, presented three flags with significant meaning to the Susanville Police Department and McElrath’s family.

“It means a lot for me to do this,” said Bermander, who added his service has helped him appreciate the sacrifice of others that much more.

“We’re going to let Rob’s memory live on.”