Remember When for the week of 8/22/17

120 years ago

All Main Street’s business owners took part in a combined effort to rid the street and storefronts of gravel, sand and trash. The unified front collected more than 500 pounds of debris and restored Susanville’s well-known reputation of being one of the prettiest towns in the mountains.


70 years ago

The U.S. Army and Navy called on more than 50 men from Susanville and Westwood to report to recruitment stations in Reno for physical examinations. After basic training, it was expected they would soon be activated for duty in World War II.


45 years ago

Fred Abbay, of Susanville, stepped down as chairman of the Trade Advisory Council of the California Conservation Center. Abbay served four years in the position before being replaced by “Dutch” Hershberger of Chico.


35 years ago

Susanville and Bank of America signed a $1.5 million loan agreement to provide housing and property rehabilitation opportunities for low-income families. Bank of America matched a $750,000 block grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The pooled funds were used to create 15-year low-interest property loans for eligible homeowners in the Memorial Park area.


30 years ago

The Board of Supervisors approved the 1987-88 budget, which totaled nearly $21 million. The majority of the supervisors and city officials praised interim County Administrative Officer Stan Greene for preparing a wellpackaged budget, as well as his efforts toward suggesting future budget guidelines to make the meetings less complicated.


25 years ago

It will cost close to $5.5 million to develop the infrastructure for a proposed ski resort on Dyer Mountain.

That was the bottom-line number contained in a recently released study on the preliminary infrastructure investigation prepared by Sno-engineering, Inc., in association with the engineering group of Rolls, Anderson and Rolls.

The purpose of the study was “to focus on the feasibility of providing transportation access and utility services specifically to the resort site.”


15 years ago

With the new Lassen Community Hospital almost complete, Banner Health Systems won Susanville Planning Commission approval last week to split the site into two lots.

The commission approved creation of a 3.6-acre parcel on the almost 38-acre site at Highway 139 and Spring Ridge Road. Janet Lasick, CEO of Northeastern Rural Health Clinics, Inc. supported the split.

“We are the eventual purchaser of the new smaller parcel in order to build a clinic up there so we really fully support this,” Lasick said.


10 years ago

California rejected Lassen County’s medical marijuana ID request to stamp “not valid under federal law” on state-issued medical marijuana cards. Supervisor Jim Chapman insisted on stamping the statement on the cards in red ink when the board approved a resolution establishing the medical marijuana ID card program, established in 1996 by Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act.


Last year

Discussions regarding the county’s medical marijuana cultivation ordinance continue, and some residents are finding the plant count and the number of grows in the county concerning.

District 3 Supervisor Jeff Hemphill suggested the topic be placed on an upcoming Lassen County Board of Supervisors agenda.

“I think it’s important to let the people talk with us about how to deal with it,” said Hemphill. “We all have different concerns. I can speak for the board that we had no idea what was going to take place this summer when we passed our ordinance in the past … we’re here to try and solve our problems.”

The board did not take any action regarding the topic, just held a discussion and provided some direction to staff.