Remember When for the week of 9/26/17

120 years ago
Voting officials were reportedly masterminding a crooked effort to defeat the Republican Party in Northern California. Those in charge of counting ballots wore rings with tiny stamps. As they unfolded the Republican ballots, they quickly pressed the stamp on the face of the ballots, thus eliminating it from being counted.

70 years ago
The county scrap metal salvage drive got off to a flying start under the direction of Chairman C.C. Doyle. Delayed by transportation problems, plans to aid the nation’s war effort were headed by more than 10 organizations countywide.

45 years ago
A district engineer of the California division of highways gave a speech reviewing the county’s highways to local residents. He said improvements west and east of Susanville on Highway 36 helped travelers get to destinations safer than they would have using Interstates 80 and 5.

35 years ago
The city council rejected a Lassen Economic Development Corporation (LEDCo) plan to earmark 65 acres of city-owned land for the future industrial development. LEDCo Chairman David Valerio said the council’s motion was due to its lack of awareness of the plan.

25 years ago
After a recent all-day field trip to salvage areas of the Lassen National Forest, the Forest Service was not a whole lot closer to resolving differences with the timber industry and the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. At least the groups were talking candidly, a hopeful sign for better understanding in the future.
The local timber industry and the board have been critical of the Forest Service’s plan recently released.
The forest plan and its call for a reduction in the allowable sale quantity of timber from 175 million board feet in the current timber management plan to 96 million board feet in the new plan.
The board has been especially vocal in its criticism and has threatened to sue the Forest Service over the plan.

15 years ago
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors approved the 2002-2003 budget but did not approve a proposed raise for social work professionals.
In a 4 – 1 vote, the supervisors approved a final budget of nearly $67 million. The projected ending balance is $1.6 million.
District 2 Supervisor Jim Chapman cast the lone no vote.
However, that final budget number does not include transfer funds, as required by the Government Accounting Standards Board Rule 34, which requires that if local governments have access to or control over funds, they have to be included in the operating budgets and go through the budget process.

10 years ago
California Highway Patrol Officer Eric Schmidt found cyclist Randy Stock ready to cross over the mountains from Highway 89 near Humboldt-Humbug Road on his bike to go home to Chico after riding approximately 140 miles to get to Chester from Chico via Red Bluff on Highway 36.
Stock, a developmentally disabled adult, is in incredible physical shape, taking the 140-mile bike ride uphill to Chester without a pulled muscle.

Last year
Numerous community members voiced their concerns about marijuana grows in the county.
Some called for the medical marijuana ordinance to be rescinded and a zero tolerance policy put in place.
During Sept. 20 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting, ranchers and residents spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting to ensure the supervisors heard their concerns.