Remember When for the week of December 20, 2016

95 years ago

At Monday night’s session of the board of trustees, a petition carrying 108 signatures was presented to the board asking that an election be called for the purpose of putting a stop to gambling.

Mayor Breitwieser stated to the board and to the public if the said election is carried out he would not care to serve any longer as the city trustee.

70 years ago

Adding another note of optimism to the plans for a public park for this community, was the announcement this week that $3,000 of state funds could easily be obtained for the local project once a definite plan of improvement for the site is underway.

45 years ago

The Lassen County Local Agency Formation Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed annexation of Lassen Community College to the city of Susanville at the Susanville City Council chambers.

Alice T. Dresel, the executive officer of the commission, has recommended approval of the annexation with an amended boundary to include additional property on the north side of Chestnut Street. Dresel said the additional anticipated revenues cause by the recommended boundary change would total $375.50.

20 years ago

A Susanville Department of Public Works crew freed up a clogged storm drain that flooded the intersection of North and Martha streets last Tuesday. Run off from heavy rains and wet snow pushed the city’s drainage system to the limit, though no major flooding was reported.

15 years ago

A petition circulated by union members at Sierra Army Depot drew the ire of Lassen County Air Pollution Control Officer Ken Smith at the Dec. 12 meeting of the Lassen County Air Pollution Control District.

Smith said he had received copies of the petition with 200 to 300 signatures, but he said there was “misinformation in the petition,” and he wanted to inform the board members of the petition’s shortcomings and the demands made by the petition, which he said would not be honored.

10 years ago

The medical marijuana identification card program is “nothing more than another scheme from the enemy within to destroy this society,” Supervisor Bob Pyle said last week.

Pyle was perhaps the most straightforward, but every supervisor expressed doubts about the program at the board’s Tuesday, Dec. 13 meeting. Taking no action, the supervisors agreed to wait and see how other counties handle the legal requirement. Each county approve the program and set up an application process.

Last year

Every year during this season, a call to attention needs to be made for those who are left out.

A lot of people for various reasons are invisible to the general population, including people who are placed in long-term care facilities and who are largely unseen, sidelined by severe stroke, old age or some other medical challenge. People, who over the years have grown unable to care for themselves, their bodies fail them or who have developmental disabilities that leave them forever young mentally, in facilities. Though their bodies have grown, they are forever young in spirit. People don’t always recognize their childlike qualities and needs.

This year, Girl Scout Troop No. 00015, the Standish Grange and the Salvation Army teamed up collectively Dec. 19 to deliver a little bit of Christmas cheer to all the elder care facilities in Susanville and bring a small gift, a hug, a Christmas song and plenty of smiles all around to Eagle Lake Village, Eskaton Lassen Manor and Lassen Hospice Care.

While some may say Santa does not exist, for these local girls that day, he did; in the hearts and minds of all and the joy and giggles they gave to all those who were visited.