Remember When for the week of 06/25/19

130 years ago
An examination of the swarms of locusts that descended on the Honey Lake Valley were found to be members of a 17-year species which is not particularly destructive to crops.

80 years ago
An inquest was found to be necessary into the questionable and sudden death of a 48-year-old newcomer to Susanville after his body was discovered behind a Main Street establishment.
The death was said to be alcohol-related and witnesses said the man had been on the premises for several hours consuming large quantities of liquor.
Witnesses also said the man drank eagerly, talked freely and acted rationally, arousing suspicion after consuming what was as an “abnormal amount of hard liquor.”

55 years ago
California Governor Edmund “Pat” G. Brown announced the appointment of California State Senator Stanley Arnold, of Susanville, as judge of the Lassen County Superior Court. Arnold will take over from Ben vs. Curler, who recently retired.

40 years ago
Long-term educational advantages was the keynote term in use at a Lassen Community College governing board meeting where a proposal for the possible merger of Lassen and Feather River colleges was discussed. The proposal annexing Feather River to Lassen was one of a number of alternatives suggested by a feasibility study.

35 years ago
The Susanville City Council voted 4-0 to support the expansion of the California Correctional Center.
The council said adopting the resolution would have a desirable economic impact for the city by providing greater employment opportunities and creating more service-type jobs.
The city also took the stand that by expanding the center, money would have been saved by taxpayers throughout the state.

30 years ago
The Sierra Army Depot called a temporary halt to its bomb destruction program after a number of small “bomblets” were found to have “escaped” from the demolition zone. The depot had been destroying cluster bombs and each one carries 444 antipersonnel bomblets.
The bomblets are baseball-sized steel balls designed to disperse and explode as individual units once the main bomb has been deployed.
The army expected about 200 of the bomblets would be discovered on BLM land nearly a mile from the demolition pits.

20 years ago
The Dyer Mountain Committee was ecstatic last week when it delivered 3,099 signatures asking for a November initiative vote on a four seasons resort to Lassen County Clerk Theresa Nagel’s office.
But the project’s detractors said the battle is far from finished and the board of supervisors said they want a report from staff on what the initiative could do the county’s general plan.

15 years ago
Plans to ratify former Susanville City Administrator Newell Sorensen’s retirement agreement stalled when Councilmember Doug Sayers questioned how much the agreement was going to cost the city. According to assistant to the city administrator Luann Rainey, the agreement was misplaced and recently rediscovered. It was placed on the agenda for ratification.
However, Rainey and City Attorney Kathleen Lazard were not at a closed session meeting where the agreement was discussed. There is also no copy of closed-session minutes of that meeting.

Last year
Susanville welcomes its new mayor, Kevin Stafford and its newly elected city council members, Brian Moore and Mendy Schuster with Joseph Franco, appointed mayor pro tem for a second term.
With Gwenna MacDonald, Susanville’s city clerk, giving the certification of the June 5 vote, the city saw a shake up of its council members and its hierarchy.
At a special meeting of the Susanville city council, before their official regular meeting June 20, community members came together to congratulate their newly elected council members; welcoming them and taking plenty of selfies.