Remember When for the week of 1/14/20

130 years ago

According to newspaper reports, everyone was enjoying the great outdoors 120 years ago in Susanville. Sleighing was the most popular sport, and the paper reported everyone and his best girl were out in the warm brilliant sun.


80 years ago

The new Safeway store, located at the corner of Roop and Cottage streets, was set to open Jan. 18. Business at the store was interrupted the previous March by fire.


55 years ago

Lassen County’s population in January was 16,300, according to the California Tax-payers Association preliminary estimates. In the five years since the county’s population was 14,597, the population has grown by nearly 20 percent.


40 years ago

Talk about a possible drought turned to talk about flooding as heavy and unseasonably warm rains inundated Susanville and the Northern California area. Residents in Litchfield and Standish were the hardest hit.

Those living in low-lying areas had to move livestock and automobiles to higher ground as the floodwaters inched higher.


35 years ago

It was announced the going rate for serving on a jury in Lassen County of $25 per day plus 10 cents per mile would be reduced to $10 per day and mileage would be raised to 15 cents per mile.


30 years ago

William D. Bixby, the city manager of Cottage Grove, Oregon, was officially named Lassen County’s new chief administrative officer by the board of supervisors. Bixby, who was expected to take the reins in February, replaced Ron Holden, who left Lassen County for a similar position in Tulare County. Bixby was selected from a field of more than 60 applicants.


30 years ago

Former school administrator Anthony Miscione was seated on the Lassen County Board of Education after he was determined to be the real winner in the Trustee Area 1 election.

Newly elected County Superintendent of Schools Llaniss Dickinson administered the oath of office to Miscione following the board’s vote to pay the costs associated with a recount of the ballots cast in the November election.

Lassen County Superior Court Judge Joseph Harvey ordered the recount in late December after the board charged County Clerk Theresa Nagel had counted votes from the district rather than from the trustee area only.

Mill worker Steve Kocher was initially declared the winner, but in a recount, Miscione won the seat by 14 votes.


20 years ago

The rewards of natural gas don’t justify the risks, according to four Susanville propane dealers.

“Our bias is obvious. Our livelihood and that of our employees, the futures of our businesses are at stake,” four fuel providers said in a letter to the Susanville City Council.

“From our analysis, however, we don’t think the rewards justify the risk, based on information available to us,” according to Jake Erwin of Lassen Plumas Gas Service, David Staub of Staub and Sons, Bryan Milton of AmeriGas and Douglas Craig Cox of All Star Gas.


15 years ago

After not receiving monthly interest payments on assessment of property tax on Dyer Mountain land for the past 10 months, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors will meet with Briar Tazuk, principal owner of Dyer Mountain Associates this week to work out a new financial agreement.

Currently Tazuk is 10 months in arrears on a monthly payment approved by the supervisors, following voter approval of the project in the November general election in 2000. The supervisors want to know the future economic viability of the Dyer Mountain project.


Last year

With the partial shutdown of the federal government affecting 800,000 federal workers nationwide, many places locally, such as Lassen Volcanic National Park are directly affected.

In the event of a government shutdown due to a lapse in appropriations, most federal employees are required to stop work because no funds would be available to pay staff, and the government is prohibited from accepting voluntary services.

Federal workers deemed “essential” or “excepted” are required to work without pay. Others are furloughed, or placed on temporary leave.