Remember When for the week of 10/15/19

122 years ago
George Nellson, of Adin, broke his back when he was thrown into a fence while riding one of his ranch cows. He was unable to move and laid there for two days before a friend discovered him dead.

72 years ago
Rationing administrator Langdon W. Owen reported widespread price ceiling violations in Susanville to the Lassen County War Price and Ration Board. Citing numerous instances of consumer rip-offs, Owen blamed the lack of public paying for merchandise. The ceilings were installed to stabilize the cost of living in the area.

47 years ago
Dedication ceremonies got under way at the newly opened Diamond View Intermediate School. The reception sponsored by the PTA gave guests a detailed tour of the classrooms, 10 basketball courts, two tennis courts, six volleyball courts and an athletic field for track, soccer, softball and football.

37 years ago
The Hotel Mt. Lassen Limited Partnership regained ownership of the establishment at the public auction of the hotel. As sole bidder, the partnership was required to place a bid of $20,000, the amount of the foreclosure on the smaller of the two notes held by the partnership.
The property was sold by the partnership to Harriet and Bob Clune in 1980 for $850,000. Foreclosure proceedings were initiated against the Clunes following a failure to pay on those notes earlier this year.

32 years ago
Forest Service workers started a massive effort to combat soil erosion sparked by the Clark Fire near Milford. Officials estimated they would spend millions of dollars to repair damage to 47,000 acres of land.

20 years ago
Birds were dying by the thousands at Leavitt Lake recently due to a suspected outbreak of avian botulism. Rick Crowther, habitat coordinator of Pheasants Forever, notified the California Department of Fish and Game of the outbreak.
He was scouting Leavitt Lake with his children for a junior duck hunt when he found some bird carcasses. DFG, Pheasants Forever, Bureau of Land Management, California Waterfowl Association, Ducks Unlimited, CDF inmate crews and the National Forest Service joined forces to eradicate the source of disease.

15 years ago
Mayor Lino Callegari doesn’t want Susanville to become a dumping ground for sexual predators released from the two prisons located in the city.
He recently convinced the city council to pass a resolution opposing release of sexually violent predators in counties where they were not arrested or convicted.
The resolution also opposed their discharge in cities where a state prison is located.

Last year
It’s better to start preparing now, the Lassen Union High School Superintendent Bill McCabe told the board of trustees upon finding his replacement.
McCabe, who has been serving as the superintendent/ principal, is set to retire in June 2019 and he encouraged the board to start thinking about the hiring process now to find his replacement.