Remember When for the week of 10/16/18

95 years ago
Showing their patriotism, Lassen County citizens went beyond the call of duty and invested $318,800 in the purchase of war bonds.
Initially, the federal government asked the county to accumulate $174,450 in securities.

70 years ago
The National Housing Agency announced the construction of 300 family units approved for Herlong to house employees at the Sierra Army Depot.
With the additional homes, it was reported that Herlong’s population would increase to 6,000 and employment at the depot was expected to reach 2,300.

45 years ago
The board of supervisors approved a resolution urging people to vote “yes” on Proposition B, which would provide a $500,000 bond for the relocation of the Lassen College campus.
The resolution came after 42 years of service, when the college “is in danger of being lost to this community unless a new and adequate facility is constructed on a new site to replace the present facility.”

35 years ago
The Susanville City Council approved a $1.47 million offer to purchase the city water supply system from CP National.
The offer was based on a report compiled by Ott Water engineers of Redding, which stated the system was worth an estimated $1.3 to $2 million.
A thorough inspection of the facility revealed all six existing tanks need repair.

30 years ago
The Eagle Lake Translator Association announced the installation of two new translators to provide more and better TV service for residents of Eagle Lake and the surrounding communities.

25 years ago
Lassen County’s latest tool in the fight against substance abuse made its public debut at a board of supervisors meeting.
“Unee,” the alcohol- and drug-free unicorn, is the product of the joint efforts of the Sierra Army Depot, Lassen County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board and the SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment) coalition.
According to Mike Beard, deputy director of the county alcohol and drug program, Unee was born about two years ago after a contest was held among Lassen County employees to create an alcohol- and drug-free mascot to promote prevention activities in the county.

20 years ago
Lassen County special Olympians Kelly Bishop, Kelli Farris and Brandy Silva will go to the World Special Olympics in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, next summer to compete in gymnastics against 150 nations and thousands of athletes. With them is area director of Special Olympics-Lassen County, Margaret Silva. The trio was introduced at the Oct. 13 supervisors meeting.

Six years ago
German author and hiker Andreas Cohrs promoted his book, “California Serendipity,” which was inspired by the 1950s outdoorsman, Colin Fletcher, and his book, “Thousand Mile Summer.”
Cohrs’ book detailed his travels through California and Lassen County in a style that mimicked Fletcher’s. His book was for sale at Margie’s Book Nook and the author was expected to return to the county the following spring.

Last year
Susanville Area Bicycle Association member Frank Winters recently participated in the Trans Northern California Race. The race required he ride his mountain bike 400 miles with 40,000 feet of total climbing in elevation.
The Trans Northern California Route is a non-stop, individually attempted, solo bicycle time trial, and Winters was more than eager to take it on.
Winters, an avid mountain biker, finished the self-supported adventure after 64 hours and 55 minutes.