Remember When for the week of 10/30/18

95 years ago
A message from Washington D.C. was received in Susanville announcing the end of World War I.
As soon as word spread throughout town, the fire bell rang and people began filtering into the streets to rejoice.

45 years ago
Paula Tennant, a Susanville attorney and former Lassen County District Attorney, was sworn in as a member of the California Youth Authority Board in Sacramento.
Tennant said serving on the board to help the state’s young people was her primary concern after working several years as an attorney.

35 years ago
Five felony charges have been filed against 18-year-old Jay L. Murrel, of Susanville, in connection with the fatal shooting of Charlene Ludwick, of Janesville.
District Attorney Warren Haas charged Murrell with first degree murder, enhanced with possession and use of a firearm; attempted murder of Joe Gonzales, alleged companion of Ludwick at the time of the shooting; possession and use of a firearm; and assault with a deadly weapon.
Arraignment was set in the Lassen County Superior Court.

30 years ago
Led by Tina Gorbet, the Lassen High School varsity girls cross country team advanced to the state meet following a second-place finish at the North Section championships. Gorbet set a course record time of 18:31 at West Valley High.

25 years ago
The firestorm that swept through the Los Angeles Basin, driven by Santa Ana winds and fueled by explosively dry brush finally died down when the winds abated.
It was one of the worst fire sieges in Southern California’s memory.
Firefighters and equipment poured in from across California and 14 other states, some from as far away as Tennessee and Oklahoma.
Among them were people and equipment from local wildland firefighting agencies.
The hotshot crew from the Lassen National Forest found themselves in the thick of the action, working on both the Ortega and Repplier fires.

20 years ago
Amid a voter fraud investigation, Charlie Davies last week withdrew from the race for the Lassen College Governing Board in the election that will be decided on Nov. 3, 1998.
He was the third candidate in Lassen County to announce he was no longer running for office in this election.
Davies issued a public apology for falsifying two absentee ballots. He has signed and submitted two ballots belonging to friends and fellow dorm residents.

Last year
A local resident who does not wish to be identified, was walking around Emerson Lake at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course with her dogs when she came across a mountain lion.
When one of the dogs went into some bushes at the edge of the lake, she heard yelping and a mountain lion burst out of its hiding place and was chased to a nearby tree by her dogs.