Remember When for the week of 11/6/18

95 years ago
After the official word that World War I had ended, counties throughout the nation were being honored for their contributions to support the war efforts for the U.S.
The people of Lassen County considered themselves to be one of the most patriotic counties in California, since their efforts went beyond the call of duty in the selling of war bonds, salvaging of household items and donating materials to the nation’s soldiers.

45 years ago
The Bureau of Land Management announced the completion of 14 miles of graded access road connecting Surprise Valley with the Lassen County road system at Tuledad Canyon.
The road allowed more efficient resource protection and management in addition to providing a scenic route for travelers along the eastern slopes of the south Warner Mountains.

35 years ago
An early-morning fire gutted the Ravendale Café, Bar and Gas Station, injuring one person who was attempting to save the building’s contents.
Although there was little danger of an explosion since the station’s gasoline storage tanks were buried underground, several beer cans and kegs exploded in the blaze and could be heard bursting throughout the day.

30 years ago
In reaction to Herlong’s growing business district, community members formed the Fort Sage Community Action Committee.
The group held “town hall meetings” and concerned itself with improving living conditions outside of the Sierra Army Depot gate and documenting citizen complaints.

20 years ago
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors saw controversy and almost a 100 percent turnover in the last two years, save for Jim Chapman.
After the Nov. 3 election and the final fallout of the 1997 recall, four new members sat before the public the following January.
The courthouse-controversy-inspired 1997 recall that targeted three supervisors only got rid of one, Lyle Lough. Everd McCain replaced Lough in district 5.

Six years ago
Lassen Ale Works held its inaugural Brew Fest. Twelve competitors submitted 21 entries. Home brewers from all over Lassen and Plumas counties were tasked with creating a unique beverage.
Dustin Osborn won first place for his Moon Shadow Black, IPA.

Last year
Lassen High School’s Kendahl Loflin traveled to Oroville, California to compete in the Northern Section California Interscholastic Federation Championship match held at Table Mountain Golf Course.

Loflin competed in the individual category along with golfers from Anderson, Shasta, West Valley, Yreka, Enterprise and Foothill high schools. Additionally, Pleasant Valley High School, Chico High School and Red Bluff High School had six students each compete for their respective teams.

Loflin finished the course with a stroke count of 97, thus earning her first place among the individual golfers.