Remember When for the week of 12/23/19

150 years ago

There’s gold in them thar hills! On Dec. 31, 1869, a group of prospectors from Yreka discovered gold in what would later be called Hayden Hill.

They were searching for the fabled Lost Cabin Mine, which they never found.

But a member of the party cleaned a spring and found a golden, glittering substance too prevalent to be gold, which he thought was mica. Turns out, when the mineral was assayed, it really was gold.


97 years ago

Susanville residents were greeted by four-to-six feet of snow and more than eight feet in the mountains.

The snow was so deep, many merchants had to close their doors for nearly two weeks. Since there were no crews or equipment to clear the streets, residents had to band together and shovel their way across town.

The newspaper labeled the storm one of the worst in California history and urged readers to join in the snow removal efforts.


72 years ago

Police apprehended two Janesville brothers after a car chase that lasted 30 minutes and reached speeds of 90 miles per hour outside of Susanville, and speeds of 65 miles per hour down Main Street. The brothers were finally apprehended near Janesville when their car ran out of gas.


47 years ago

A Portola man uncovered four pieces of an Indian pottery bowl while panning for gold on the Susan River near Westwood. The relics were turned over to a professor at the University of California who could not determine their origin.


32 years ago

A state Department of Education report claimed Lassen County schools had the highest crime rate in the state.

During a two-year period, Lassen County schools had 135 assaults, three assaults with unspecified weapons, seven sex offenses, 75 substance abuse cases, six weapons violations, 190 property crimes and one robbery and extortion.


20 years ago

No argument against the $3.3 million Lassen High School bond will appear on the March 7 ballot in Lassen County.

“Nobody submitted an argument against Measure S,” said county clerk Theresa Nagel. “There is no other side.”

Five members of the Lassen High School bond committee signed the argument in favor.


15 years ago

The U.S. District Court ruled recently that Benjamin Silva’s conviction would stand for a gruesome 1981 murder in Lassen County.

Lassen County District Attorney Bob Burns said, “This is a win for us on the prosecution side. We’ve been working on that case preparing for the worst. But it’s not over yet.”

Burns said Silva would advance the matter further with the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Five years ago

Local youth and the Susanville Police Department woke up early one morning to spread a little holiday cheer.

On Dec. 13, the department hosted its inaugural Shop with a Cop event.

According to officer Terra Avilla, 28 children were able to partake in the day and spend about $60 on anything they wanted at Walmart.


Last year

An open house was held Friday, Dec. 7 for the newly established Mikailia Child Advocacy Center. The center was made possible by a grant from the California Office of Emergency Services and works with various agencies to support and assist children and developmentally disabled adults during investigations and prosecutions by endeavoring to reduce the amount of trauma to victims of child abuse and their families.