Remember When for the week of 12/30/19

97 years ago

For the first time, women had the opportunity to serve on a trial jury. Throughout the country, critics were discouraged with the experiment, since many of them claimed exemptions in the past.

They said most of the women do not have the knowledge, thus lacking the credibility needed to make an informed decision. Only a few Lassen County women have had the chance to serve on a jury.


72 years ago

For his sixth term, Peter Grieg, of Big Valley, was chosen as chairman of the board of supervisors.

The District 4 supervisor claimed the chair when W.J. Tunison, of District 1, relinquished the position after the board decided to rotate chairmen to give all districts their fair representation.


47 years ago

The site of Indian Heights Mission of Parkdale Avenue was rezoned, and the city asked members to refurbish the structure to meet city code requirements. Susanville merchants donated money to help finance the renovations, including repairs to the roof, exterior and plumbing.

The mission was once a gambling house and casino on the outskirts of Susanville.


32 years ago

Renovations costing $75,000 began at Lassen Community Hospital. A building entrance, new administrative offices, admitting area, pharmacy, birthing room and waiting room were under construction.


32 years ago

The manner in which the city coordinated the removal of nearly one foot of snow drew sharp criticism from residents at a city council meeting. An Uptown merchant told the council that snowplow berms blocked drainage and restricted parking for customers of the businesses in the Uptown area.


20 years ago

Two years ago the Susanville Rancheria acquired the medical clinic at the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, assuring all residents it would provide them with health care.

But without the benefits of federal funds, the specter of a $260,000 operating loss and an alleged dwindling client base, the SIR tribal council voted to close the Sierra Health Clinic.


15 years ago

While most of America continued to be concerned about Mad Cow disease, wholesalers and retailers in Lassen County said there was no reason to be concerned about the quality of beef.

“You could get sicker after getting a flu shot than by eating beef from Susanville Supermarket,” store manager Todd Eid said.

However, according to a published report from Reuters, Safeway Inc., Fred Meyer and Albertson’s Inc., customers were asked to return certain cases of beef patties and other products that originated at Vern’s Moses Lake Meats, a small slaughterhouse in Washington State.


Six years ago

Children from low-income families woke up to brand new bikes on Christmas morning thanks to a generous donation by Susanville Auto Center.

“We just wanted to do something to help,” said Chad Nethery, managing partner with his wife, Jennifer, at Susanville Ford.

In the inaugural fundraiser, the Nethery’s donated one bike for every car purchased from the end of November up until the delivery of the bikes. Susanville Ford purchased 65 bikes, 31 of which were given to the Salvation Army for Angel Tree gifts, and the remainder were delivered to private homes.


Last year

A billing error within the city of Susanville’s utility system has brought with it a loss in revenue of around $260,000.

Finance manager for the city, Deborah Savage, relayed the news to the Susanville City Council at the Dec. 19 meeting, saying, “When we were going through the records and auditing our utility system, we unfortunately discovered a billing error that was human caused.”

Savage told the council the error was that the city “did not change the non-irrigation rate to the irrigation rate” it charges per cubic-foot during the summer season when usage is higher.