Remember When for the week of 3/26/19

75 years ago
According to A. Rokitta, the Polly Anne bakery would reopen under the management of George Nugent, of Sparks.
Nugent came to Portola with a reputation of being an outstanding baker and Rokitta said Nugent would bring additional machinery used in first-class bakeries.

50 years ago
A single-engine, L2 Taylor craft plane reportedly stolen from Southern California has been recovered from Beckwourth Airport.
Local sheriff’s officers reported Claude Lundy was convicted of the theft by a Southern California court recently. The plane was registered to an El Centro pilot and was stolen in Imperial County.

40 years ago
Portola’s City Council agreed to grant a request to waive curb and gutter requirements along Highway A-15 in the proposed senior housing development.
John Gilmore appeared at the council meeting to appeal the requirement for curbs and gutters on behalf of Aiello Construction and the city granted his appeal after consultation with the city council.

30 years ago
The sign could very well have read: “Help wanted: Boon Docs. Apply if you are willing to work long hours, want to live in a rural community and make 25 to 30 percent less than you can make in the city.”
Doctors fresh from residency or in the early practice in the big city were not rushing their resumes to Portola.

25 years ago
It was officially finished — finally. Susanville Resources Inc. would not operate a medical waste incineration facility at Lassen College.
Lassen College agreed in closed session to co-sign a letter with SRI president Fred Yekinek.
The letter asked the Department of Health Services to withdraw the permit application for the incineration facility.

20 years ago
Eight years after he fled to Illinois to avoid a drug cultivation charge, Gerald Wagner was sentenced last week to three years in state prison.
The 56-year-old former Doyle resident was sentenced in Lassen Superior Court. He pleaded guilty in exchange for dismissal of a charge he possessed marijuana for sale.

15 years ago
The earth in Lassen County shook, literally, late March 30.
Residents said they felt the first tremors of a mild earthquake around 10:02 p.m. with two more following at 10:46 p.m. and 11:52 p.m.

Last year
Edging closer to the June Primary Election, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors approved its argument for Measure J: The sales tax increase being posed to county voters.
The supervisors unanimously approved the proposed argument during the Tuesday, March 20 board meeting. Supervisor Aaron Albaugh was absent.
Measure J posed a .75 percent sales tax increase to the voters, potentially generating a $2.1 million increase to the general revenue for the county and city of Susanville.