Remember When for the week of 5/14/19

120 years ago
The buzz in Janesville was an upcoming musical recital by the area youth. The musical presentation, under the direction of J.E. Ball, featured both vocal and instrumental music. Admission was 15 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.

70 years ago
Sometimes a driver just can’t get a brake, and as a result, a large house trailer overturned at the top of Main Street. The driver of the car towing the trailer said the electric brakes failed as he was coming down the mountain into Susanville.
But that was not the end of it. Next, the car slipped out of gear and the engine stalled.
The driver said he unsuccessfully tried to get the engine stated and shift it back into gear. As the driver tried to make the corner at the city limits, the trailer unhitched and turned on its side, suffering major damage. Of course, according to the paper, the trailer’s contents were “a jumbled mess.”

45 years ago
Northern California Congressman Harold “T” Bizz Johnson urged the closure of concessions and campground facilities at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park. A geological survey of the rock mass at Chaos Crags revealed a potential danger to visitors, and the closure was announced when negotiations between the Park Service and the concessionaire to resolve the public safety issue faltered.
While the congressman said he could not challenge the scientific determination that led to the closure, he said he would hold the Park Service responsible for keeping the park open and making facilities available to the public.

30 years ago
A pair of Lassen Municipal Utility District linemen teamed up with a pair from the Bureau of Land Management in an unusual mission.
The linemen, attempting to turn the power for a farmland pump just off Byer’s Pass Road, discovered a red-tailed hawk’s nest atop the pole. With help from the BLM, the linemen moved the nest, which contained two small chicks, to a lower cross arm, tagged baby birds and installed “bird guards” on the wires to prevent electrocution of the raptors if they landed on the wires.
The anxious parents circled overhead during the move of the nest.

25 years ago
Lassen County residents and agencies had no say in the matter when Blue Lake was closed to protect an endangered species.
The lake was closed for 10 days in April to ensure the safety of a pair of nesting bald eagles. Unfortunately, the female eagle did not produce an egg, and the pair abandoned their nest.

20 years ago
“I think that the SARB needs people a little more dedicated to the people they deal with,” Holly Faure recently told the County Board of Education.
The concerned parent had been on a three-month crusade to improve the School Attendance Review Board and now wants a seat on the SARB.
Faure recently wrote the board of education a letter asking “that you consider appointing me as a parent representative to the Lassen County School Attendance Review Board for the 1999-2000 school year.”

15 years ago
Though the city of Susanville has enough money to pay its bills, cash is very tight and the city has no reserves left, according to Finance Director Robert Porfiri.
To make cash available when needed, the city council gave City Administrator Newell Sorenson the authority to apply for a $1 million line of credit from Bank of America.

Last year
Lassen County joined the fight against Big Pharma by participating in the California Counties Opioid Consortium.
The consortium, which includes 29 other California counties, is joining in the multi-district litigation against the manufacturers and distributors of opioids. The intention is to recover the costs of prevention efforts, treatments and services, as well as costs associated with putting residents in jail who are addicted to prescription painkillers and heroin.
During the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting April 24 in Beiber, the board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing participation in the consortium.