Remember When for the week of 5/28/19

155 years ago
Late each afternoon, the stagecoach left Redding and arrived in Millville about 9 p.m. One particular day, a curious crowd gathered at the Millville station wondered why the stage had failed to arrive when a passerby said he was certain he saw the clumsy vehicle lumber into town on time.
It seems as the stagecoach approached Millville, the driver fell asleep. When he awoke around midnight, he stopped the horses and yelled Millville, but a passenger realized they were not in the town. The driver took his bearings and realized he was 15 miles past Millville. The somnambulist turned the horses around and finally arrived in Millville for the second time around 4 a.m.

70 years ago
A new renter forced Susanville’s Youth Center, located in the old bowling alley at the corner of First and Hall streets, to seek a new home. Owner George Caspian donated the site for the center in April as long as he did not have another use for the property. The Memorial Building staff quickly responded to the needs of local youth and provided a temporary facility through the end of June. Attendance at the center had been about 50 teens a night.

50 years ago
For the first time in history, the California Highway Patrol began accepting applications from women who wanted to be traffic officers. CHP officials said if the effort was successful, as many as 40 women officers could be in training that fall at the CHP academy in Sacramento.
The new officers would receive full pay of $1,007 per month plus room and board while studying 69 different subjects at the academy.

30 years ago
Native Americans found a new place to hold the Bear Dance — a new campground near Willard Creek west of Susanville. The site was used as far back as 2,000 years ago. For nearly 30 years, the annual spring dance was held near Janesville, on property owned by Gladys Mankins. The traditional Maidu ceremony was nearly lost until an elderly member of the tribe described the ritual. Sharing food, dancing, hand games and prayers for the protection of the bear and the snake were important parts of the ceremony.

25 years ago
Domestic dogs roamed the streets of Chester much to the consternation of local residents. A group of dogs attacked and injured a 23-year-old mare and then threatened a group of early-morning walkers. The mare was riddled with punctures and gashes. Other horse owners in Chester also reported being chased by dogs. Area residents pleaded for a crackdown on the canines.

20 years ago
Concerned parents, coaches and students agreed, athletes would accept a random drug-testing policy at Lassen High School if all those who represent the school are tested.
All 20 of the parents and school employees who attended the hearing seemed to agree the drug-testing policy should apply to all students who participate in extracurricular activities. They named activities such as band, the biology field trip and school dances.

15 years ago
Child Protective Services director Debbie Henson asked for and received a three-week leave of absence. It was speculative as to her resuming her post for Lassen County.
County Administrative officer Bill Bixby appointed Behavioral Health Director Kevin Mannel to assume the position until Henson’s return. Mannel said he understood the challenges ahead for the oft-troubled department.

Last year
A Sacramento man is in custody in the Lassen County Jail after a high-speed chase on County Road A-1, Highway 36 and South Weatherlow Street in Susanville, according to a statement from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office.
Christopher Domingo Abaya, of Sacramento, was charged with evading a peace officer in a vehicle and vehicle theft.