Remember When for the week of 6/12/18

50 years ago
The road over Mt. Lassen has been cleared of snow and travel is open between the Sulfur Works and Manzanita Lake, Superintendent Dick Boyer of the Lassen National Park announced.
The road has snow banks 15 feet high in some places, and Boyer urged cautious driving for the next few weeks.

35 years ago
Residents of Lake Almanor and Hamilton Branch have joined forces with the Westwood Herbicides Committee in the battle against Roseburg Lumber Company, which proposed to spray two areas near Hamilton Branch with a controversial herbicide.
The target areas are on the west side of Dyer Mountain that encompasses about 160 acres and in the Bailey Creek area, by Heckles Ranch near the Bureau of Land Management.

30 years ago
Although Lassen County has been visited by several winter-like storms since the Memorial Day weekend, the North State remains in the grip of a significant drought.
In the 90 years that the Lassen National Forest has been keeping weather records, only eight have been drier in Susanville than the current year.

25 years ago
All Lassen County departments are being asked to tighten their belts and prepare budgets for the coming fiscal year based on a $1.3 million loss of funds.
Following a video presentation highlighting the budget crisis faced by cities and counties, County Administrative Officer Bill Bixby told the Board of Supervisors he had received important information late Friday from Senator Tim Leslie’s office.
Leslie’s memo included figures from the Legislative Analyst’s Office showing each county’s share of the state’s proposed property tax shift of $2.6 billion from local government to local schools.

20 years ago
Just before 4 a.m. on June 1, Justin Pelaiz thought he heard his 21-month-old running water in the bathtub.
He went downstairs to find the living room of the home he rented at 50 South Pine St. in flames.
Susanville Fire Marshall Mike Waldron said last week that by the time firefighters arrived, the old wood-framed and wood-shingled house with no firebreaks was engulfed in flames.
“Everything inside was destroyed,” Waldron said. “It was an accident. It looks like someone pushed the ottoman too close to a propane wall heater.

15 years ago
Nearly 50 people packed a warm Susanville School District board meeting on Monday, June 2, wanting to know how the board plans to change the image of Diamond View School.
Many of the audience members attended the special meeting in response to the board’s action to move the sixth-grade class to the K-5 campuses for next year.
Some wanted the decision overturned; others wanted to know if the board had considered the negative and costly implications.
Still others wanted to voice their opinion that the change did not help the reputation of Diamond View, but gave the impression Diamond View is a bad school.

10 years ago
A 1983 Lassen High School graduate serving on the Tucson Police Department was shot down in cold blood during the pursuit of a heavily armed gunman.
Erik David Hite, 43, died at Tucson’s University Medical Center at 12:53 p.m. on June 2, with his wife and family by his side. He had served four years on the Tucson Police Department after a 21-year career with the Air Force.

Last year
Art is a colorful, creative and exciting way to express emotions and to depict the world.
In February of 2017, Banner Hospital was proud to finally be able to hang local artwork in the main hallway of the hospital.
Five months later, the artwork is being rotated to show new, different artwork from students and adult artists throughout the county.