Remember When for the week of 8.21.18

45 years ago
For the first time, weary drivers were able to rest while traveling between Reno and Susanville. The Honey Lake Rest Area opened 14 miles south of Susanville on Highway 395.

The rest stop was one of 300 planned on state highways across the nation.

35 years ago
The Mt. Lassen Hotel may at long last re-open. Prospective owner Bill Kerns, of Reno, said that if all goes well at a bankruptcy court hearing on availability on the property, he will be ready to take reservations the same day.

Kerns said the Northwood Restaurant and Black Rock Tavern are scheduled to re-open as soon as tenants for those businesses are secured.

30 years ago
Lassen Community Hospital acquired a portable electroencephalogram unit to test electrical activity in the brains of patients.

The hospital contracted with Pori Associates, of Pacifica, to transmit the EEG to North Memorial Medical Center, in Minneapolis, for analysis.

The unit also opens up the possibility of doing an EGG in a person’s home.

25 years ago
The Lassen Community College District Governing Board voted to approve the purchase and construction of a barn on the LCC campus, bringing the goal of a rodeo program on campus one step closer.
The barn construction follows a three-week project during which inmate crews converted an area in the southern part of the campus into a rodeo arena.

20 years ago
The president of the Humane Society, Lois Mankins, asked the city council to expand the animal shelter to house cats.

Mankins asked the city to create a place to house the cats for drop-off, saying it would be unreasonable to ask animal control to pick up what the law considers free spirits.

Mayor Vern Templeton promised to send the city building inspector out to the pound to determine the cost of expansion.

Six years ago
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved cooperating with the Bureau of Land Management concerning the sage grouse, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service decided warranted listing under the Endangered Species Act.

Due to higher priorities on the list, action were not taken concerning the sage grouses’ listing, but a decision is expected to be made by September 2014.

Last year
By mid November, some local Bank of America customers may be switching bankers due to the upcoming closure of the local branch.

In a letter mailed to some customers, Bank of America stated that the financial center located at 50 North Gay St. in Susanville would close
Nov. 14.

“While your account will stay the same, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this closing causes,” read the letter.