Remember When for the week of 8/28/18

35 years ago
Lassen County Sheriff Ron Jarrell was one of many local dignitaries who donated their time to the Lassen County Fair dunking booth. However, before being dunked, he gave the ball thrower a good-natured warning.

30 years ago
The California Library Services Board notified Lassen County Librarian, Rita Padden, that the county library was awarded $53,418. The grant was offered to provide financial assistance for participation in the 1988-1989 California Library Services Act literary campaign. Previously, Lassen County was one of only a few California counties not participating in the campaign.

25 years ago
A countywide meeting consisting of all the school’s superintendents was held to discuss a Joint Powers Agreement that could save the Lassen County Public Library. This was a concerted effort involving the city council, county board of supervisors and many agencies who pulled together to save the public library and increase literacy.

20 years ago
Bill Gustavson and Jay Thom, with Luhdroff and Scalmanini water engineers, made the final adjustments to the Commercial Street well in Portola. The well was brought on-line July 29, and pumped about 600,000 gallons of water a day, allowing the city to cancel rationing for water customers.

16 years ago
An attempted kidnapping occurred at 1:10 p.m. Aug. 15, at the corner of Barbara Street and Ruth Way. A 10-year-old boy was walking home when the car drove alongside the boy. The boy said the driver yelled, “come here kid so I can get you.”
The boy ran and the car proceeded to follow him. When the boy reached home, the car sped away. Officers said the boy did the right thing by running away from the driver. With school starting soon, parents were encouraged to discuss being safe with their children.

Six years ago
J and J Dance Company celebrated its 10-year anniversary. After opening in an annex located off of the studio owner Jessica Wade’s parent’s house, the booming business expanded to its current location on North Lassen Street in 2008.
To honor their long-standing success, Newton-Wade offered a free week of dance lessons for anyone’s first class.

Last year
Many friends and coworkers said their goodbyes and reminisced with Melody Brawley, former Lassen County Health and Social Services Director, during the recognition of her retirement during the Aug. 22 supervisors meeting.
“It’s been a pleasure working here, and I’ve met so many great people, made friends … It’s been a really great ride,” mentioned Brawley, noting she has loved working for local government, the people she worked with and serving the community.