It appears this street in Leavitt Lake has not seen a county road crew in quite a while. Photos by Sam Williams

Resident asks county to repair dangerous streets in Leavitt Lake, warns of liability

Leavitt Lake resident Chris Vandeventon addresses the Lassen County Board of Supervisors during public comment Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Chris Vandeventon, a Leavitt Lake resident, appeared during public comment at the Tuesday, Sept. 19 meeting of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors to advise the board of dangerous roads in need of repair in Leavitt Lake, a small community of about 150 homes a few miles from Susanville.

He said about 30 percent of the streets in that small community were “somewhat repaired” three or four years ago, but the situation has become dangerous. He said he’s discussed this issue with “numerous supervisors” to no avail and that he has sent photos to District 5 Supervisor Jason Ingram “expressing my concerns and the liability the county will have in the event somebody gets in a car wreck.”

He said water pools on some streets and forms ice that is at least 2 inches thick. He said he’s gotten two different answers from county officials as to why the work on the streets was not completed — a county road manager said it was due to a lack of materials and Ingram said it was due to a lack of funding.

“That is an issue,” Vandeventon said. “With this pooling that’s happening, and Mr. Ingram has the photos, the county can be liable because no drainage was put in. Thirty percent of those roads, if you look, were asphalted with 30-degree easements causing that pooling. With the lack of drainage in there, it is a complete and utter safety hazard especially with the houses on those corners. Buffum Lane is in just as bad shape as Tamarark. I implore you to actually find funding or grants to get that fixed. Just because there are only 152 homes there, and potentially 304 voters, doesn’t mean our voices should not be heard.”

The gravel is showing on this street in Leavitt Lake.


The grass is taking over this street in Leavitt Lake.