Response to Lassen News post

I realize I am from a different time and city.  I am now  the age that used to be referred to as the “old guys.”

Things are done differently now. This is the “modern” LAPD. Reading about the motor officer in Susanville, I flashed back to an old episode of the Andy Griffith show when Barney started doing motorcycle patrol — in a small town with winter seasons that just doesn’t make sense.

While I have your attention, what happened to pride in appearance? Officers with tattoos and goatees — what’s next? Nose rings?

It’s not just Susanville, I see it in other cities. LAPD was always recognized as having the best appearance of officers in the country. I hope it just doesn’t happen in LA until after I “have finished the race.”

Everything is changing. Just don’t tell me that I have to accept it or before I know it someone will tell me that a man is allowed to compete in sports as a woman.