Rick Scott says join the protest, save America’s future

“We’ve got to take our country back,” said Senator Rick Scott. “That means we’ve got to get way more involved if we want to have the country that we want for our kids and our grandkids.”

In an interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her AMAC Better For America podcast, the former Governor of Florida went on to say the political machinations of leftist anti-American activists have set our country on the road to perdition.

Scott went on to express his concern that instead of focusing on political discourse, the left is engrossed in efforts to politically persecute former President Donald Trump in his effort to regain the presidency in 2024. “They hate Trump … [and] they’re doing to do everything they can to bring him down.”

He expressed hope that people get engaged in the electoral process.

“It’s one thing to talk about whether Trump has been treated [badly] or whether the issues are inflation, the open border or whether our military is focused more on pronouns, rather than being the most lethal military in the world” Scott said.

He believes it is important for American voters “to get more involved [in the elections next year] if we want a better American government.”

Scott went on to take President Biden to task on the controversial issue of his come-one-come-all illegal immigrant catastrophe. From the day he took office in January 2021, upwards of five million illegal immigrants have breached our southern border, according to The Federation for American Immigration Reform. As a result, Scott noted, tens of thousands of American citizens are dying on a regular basis from drug overdoses, particularly overdoses of deadly fentanyl. The senator said he just did a roundtable in D.C. with parents who lost their kids as the result of fentanyl supplied by China and smuggled into the U.S. by the cartels.

“The Biden administration’s open border means we’re going to lose more American citizens due to fentanyl,” Scott said. “We’re going to have more criminals coming to our country. We’re going to have more terrorists coming in. We’re going to have more Chinese spies coming to our country. There also are some good people that are coming, too. There are people who just want to come and live their dream. They should come in a legal manner. I’m all for legal immigration. I’m from a state that believes in legal immigration, but not illegal immigration.”

Scott was asked what can be done to correct the mistakes that threaten the future of our country.

His response: “We have to protest. We have to protest about the border. We have to protest about inflation. We have to protest about the things that the Democrats are doing that are hurting this country.”

He went on to note that concerned citizens need to get vocal about their concerns for the future in order to convince lawmakers that our country needs a change.

“It’s hard to protest,” he said. “It’s hard to write op-eds. It’s hard to write letters. It’s hard to go to people’s offices and say, ‘this is what I expect.’ It’s hard to go to school board meetings to express our concerns. [But] if we do, this country will change. I believe in this country. [And] I believe people are going to show up and change the direction of the country.”