Secretary of State reports state and local recall costs to the legislature

So, how much did the recent effort to recall Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom cost us taxpayers in our largely blue state of California? Thanks to a report from the California secretary of state released yesterday, now we know.

Yesterday California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D. released to the legislature the cumulative costs of the 2021 Gubernatorial Recall Election.

In a letter addressed to the California Department of Finance and the Chairs of the Assembly and Senate Budget Committees, the total statewide cost of the gubernatorial recall election was $200.21 million which includes $174 million in county costs and $26.2 million in costs to the secretary of state’s office.

“While less than estimated, the costs to California to conduct a statewide recall election still added up to more than $200 million,” said Weber. “This was a substantial cost to taxpayers and a significant disruption to governing the state. This price tag confirms that it is necessary to revisit the recall process and to pursue effective reforms.”

The secretary of state also noted that the invoicing process is still ongoing in her office and that costs are subject to change based upon final invoicing and processing.