Shoplifters beware — there’s a new police chief in town

Captain Mike Bollinger, Susanville’s acting police chief, just assumed the office at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 1, but he’s already moving forward to take a big bite out of local crime that’s hurting the big stores near the Susan River.

“We’re working closely with Safeway and Walmart,” Bollinger said. “We’re going to start an operation with them because of all the petty thefts that have been taking place at both those stores.”

Bollinger said the Susanville Police Department will be working diligently with Safeway’s new loss prevention officer.

“She’s very gung-ho, and we’re going to talk about flying a team in, and we will defiantly assist them just to show, hey, you know what, we’ve got stop these folks from just getting away with it. Instead of just getting a ticket, we’re probably going to work something out with the jail so they go to jail when they get caught. That’s going to take place probably in the very near future.”

“Sounds like we’re cracking down on petty theft,” said Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt.

Bollinger also said the department recruitment process for officers continues, and a newly purchased 4-wheel drive vehicle is being prepared for service.