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Tax season is just around the corner and there are a variety of important considerations for farmers and livestock producers. USDA has partnered with agriculture tax experts around the country to connect producers to important tax information related to their operations. In February USDA is hosting two informational webinars on income tax treatment of livestock sales and disaster losses. Join us on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8 for presentations featuring JC Hobbs of Oklahoma State University to learn about the special tax rules that may apply to your operation.

3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Monday, Feb. 7  
Income tax treatment of weather-related sales of livestock 
Breeding, dairy, or livestock (excluding poultry) sold due to drought, flood, or other weather-related condition are potentially eligible for special tax treatment, as this sale is considered an involuntary conversion. This presentation will cover the application of these tax rules which allows for the postponement of gain recognition when replacement animals are purchased.

The gain from the sale of any livestock, including poultry, in excess of the normal number of animals sold annually due to drought, flood, or other weather-related condition may allow the reporting of gain to be postponed until the following year. Special tax rules apply, allowing the postponement to occur. This presentation will cover the rules and procedures that must be followed to postpone the reporting of gain.

3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Tuesday, Feb. 8
Income tax rules that apply to disaster losses 
The tax treatment for losses of property due to disasters varies depending upon whether the item was personal, business or investment property. In addition, consideration is given to the amount of the loss impacted by insurance proceeds, the tax basis of the property at the time of the loss, or disaster payments received. This presentation will cover the tax treatment that applies to losses of property resulting from a disaster.

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